Don’t Lose Your Marbles! 😓

Ahhh! I’ve taken TNR, cat colony care, and orphaned kitten care workshops and now I know there are cats in the next neighborhood over that I want to trap-neuter-return, plus kittens that can be socialized and adopted.

I haven’t actually physically done any trapping projects although I’ve “studied” for the procedures and have prepared by buying equipment. I’m just so terrified of actually going through with the process (already a long wait because I needed to hear back from the people who informed me about the cats in the first place.) I got in touch with a local cat rescue girl, but I don’t think she realizes I am very scared to approach strangers. The cats are more important to me, though, so that’s a good motivator at least.

TBH I don’t even want to be in a different part of my neighborhood just in case people are suspicious or racist. Yikes. I want to rescue cats and kittens, but I hope people understand why my nerves are triggered when it comes to going solo during the community outreach.

All I have is one picture and a general address to go on. The person who originally saw the cats moved away before she could message me back. :/

I’m having heart palpitations right meow having to walk 15 minutes away and leave some food, a blanket, and a sign asking whoever lives around there to please email me if they see or feed the mama cat and kittens. The local who was helping me seems busy, so I’d rather take the initiative if it means saving lives or giving a mama cat and three kittens a better, safer chance.

Okay. Grounding breath. I can do this! I’ll try not to have a heart attack on the way over there. It’s only going to get colder from now. 😦

Hopefully I can figure out where they are and the whole thing is horror-free. I will just act like I know what I’m doing and maybe the confidence will just appear. 😭

Wish me all the luck.

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