Just when I thought I had my girl-crush tamed!

I’m a fan of Cara Delevingne, and my innocent girl-crush manifested after watching Her Smell. I delved into other works in her filmography and have been charmed by her talent and voice every time.

You can’t know how obsessed I am with multi-talented female artists, especially women writers — Phoebe Waller-Bridge and Michaela Coel come to mind as two of my creative idols. They’re the best! Now I see a novel with Cara Delevingne’s name stamped across the cover and I am so thrilled. I can’t dilvulge how much of the novel she has written herself, as it seems she has a partner for this work, but it doesn’t matter to me.

To write and create something in any capacity, when you are already so talented no one would blame you for coasting on a single area of expertise alone, is unbelievably admirable. And this is coming for someone whose “artistry” is so unsung it basically does not exist yet. Just consider me underground… Very underground tho.

I’m suffering from book ADD right now. I’ve been buying them all up and remain ever-indecisive as to my next read. I had to post about this title just so I had a place to declare my enthusiasm for Delevingne as a creative. Will this be my next book? I don’t actually know. But it’s upcoming when my mood wheel lands on “novel” again.

Was this post useless? Yes, unless you’re a fan, too. Or, if you were pleasantly surprised to see an artist you like doing art in a medium you love. I rarely finish reading anything that I don’t like, either. I encourage others to be less harsh when criticizing media. It really makes the blood, sweat, and tears people put into their art more enjoyable when you aren’t constantly dissecting and cavilling. Just think of it this way: if anything you created made it to the coveted final stage of production, wouldn’t you be proud of it, despite the inevitable chiding of people who don’t understand it?

That’s how I approach new movies, music, and books, and that’s how I know that I will love Mirror Mirror before I’ve turned to the first page. Knowing that one of my favorite actresses worked on it only makes it more electrifying.

Happy reading. Don’t lose your Kindle streak!

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