Moody Morning Tune: Lungs – CHVRCHES

From the album The Bones Of What You Believe.

I KNOW IT ISN’T TECHNICALLY MORNING ANYMORE, but when you stay up heckin’ late writing a post, you sleep the heck in.

I’m still grumpy and groggy after my cold brew, so I play my favorite Scottish synth music in an attempt to reanimate. Yes, I did feel the urge to move it during the breakdown, but my dry eyes and heavy body are telling me that the sudden burst of energy used to dance (poorly) around the bedroom for 3 minutes was well-spent. Emphasis on spent.

A valiant attempt was made, and though I am secretly horizontal again, that extremely brief surge of energy could not have been achieved without Spotify weaving CHVRCHES onto Daily Mix 1 playlist.

Currently, the irony of Tourist’s “We Stayed Up All Night” as the next song from the same mix is not lost on me today. Where is that coffee IV-drip I’ve been asking for?

So excited to feel too sleepy to do anything important today, then be wide awake and randomly motivated at 1 AM. Why am I like dis?

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