Now I’m A Sellout with A Plan.

Remember when I wrote that conflicted post about enabling ads even though I deplore ads?

Well now I am implementing some alternative ideas that I have to help remove the ads from this blog completely, while still being able to afford its upkeep. You can read my very creative current options on this page appropriately titled, I Hate Ads!

I find even the idea of trying to make a living from any artistic medium uncouth because it often feels like the traumas expressed are being exploited by the creator and anyone else involved in the manufacturing and selling process. Imagine a world where indie artists were given government grants for general livelihood so they would be encouraged to keep making art without the threat of a part-time job obstructing their creative process? Like during the New Deal, but with less war and dads yelling at us to “get a real career instead!” 😦

Artists need to eat (and feed their pets,) too, and if any of those artists are big dummies like myself, they don’t really have a day job to fall back on as they watch their investment funding fade away into the ether.

With each unprofitable day that passes, I continue to build this blog along with unsurmountable pressure and self-owned business debt. In a way, it’s very American. Unfortunately, it is also a bit terrifying, also kind of like being American these days.

#1 space navigator!

While I am not above asking for tips, as it was generally the only requirement at my last line of work, doing it on a blog site where I am sharing my now-censored life experiences and encouraging self-care to promote emotional wellness is absolutely tacky. Ads are by far the most unattractive way to monetize the site, donations are slightly less shameful, but undignified nonetheless. Affiliate programs can be obtrusive, but it isn’t as easy as you’d think trying to gracefully coax your fans into buying from some big bad businesses that might be in ethical conflict with your own site’s ideals. To put it succinctly: it’s complicated!

I do have involved ideas that I’d like to roll out in time, but I will keep them close until they are “camera-ready.” As you already know, refining this blog has been a slow, confusing, and challenging learning process for this noob. I am still in my pre-launch stage, after all. πŸ™‚ I honestly can’t complain too much because I know some have suffered much worse, but Covid has eradicated virtually everything that I like to do and sought to blog about: concerts, conventions, festivals, brewery visits, movies, vacations, and restaurant dining. Somewhat unrelated: no more all-you-can-eat Indian buffet on Saturdays anymore either. 😒

Plans for my blog launch party are now so far away, you may actually be invited by then!

To honor my subservience to the root of all evil, I will post my first ever affiliate link just to see if the dang thing will work.

I have a tendency to choose space-themed designs whenever possible because I’m just a shimmering lil star child. Celestial atlases, Earth’s moon, and star maps (not maps to the stars) are my favorites. Furnishing and decorating my new bedroom from a totally empty space is still not quite complete, but it’s definitely coming together in my eccentric woo-woo way now that there are stars to make wishes on at night. ⭐

This design was created by ”CVogiatzi and you can buy it here on Society6.*

If you feel like you aren’t fancy enough for a duvet cover (you are tho!) the design can also be made into about a billion other items that Society6 offers. Ahh, variety! Another reason why I love Society6. Seriously, every cute thing in my apartment that you see in photos is probably from Society6 and that’s the truth.

Maybe a tapestry?*

Under Constellations Wall Tapestry

Or a notebook!*

Under Constellations Notebook

If you get the duvet, you support the artist and we can be twinsies!

Here’s to garnering enough to support to take these evil ads down! *Glass clink!* πŸ₯‚

And so it is.

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