A Big 5AM, “WHY?”

I struggled to get comfortable last night, but somehow I managed. I drifted off to sleep comfortably, despite inexplicable muscle cramping (probably from working on the bed all day.)

As I started dozing off, I genuinely thought to myself that I was so happy that I could change my mindset and relax enough to fall asleep like a regular person.

Then I woke up at exactly 5 AM for NO REASON and haven’t been able to fall asleep again since. WHY?! I almost managed to sleep like a normal human being and now it’s 90 minutes later.

The sun is coming up, the cat is trying to lay on my bed, and now my shoulder is in pain from tossing and turning.

I tried the tricks: I got up, I peed, I got a glass of water, I read a book, and now I’m writing this blog post.

Will this agony continue? Will I manage to get back to sleep? Should I just stay up at this point? Why isn’t my new Casper mattress as magical as I was led to believe?

Most importantly: why am I like this?

Check back soon for an update on my tragedy.

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