Currently Watching: Craig of the Creek

I started this cartoon on HBO Max recently and I love itttttt. I grew up in the city, so technically I wasn’t one of the kids who got to play in nature and have imagination-fueled adventures with her friends.

There is, however, a character who is basically me: Stacks! She holes up in the dark corners of the library and doesn’t really have friends to talk about books with, even though reading is her favorite activity LOL. So sad, but so true. All I do is read and be sad or cranky.

She kind of looks like me, if I had bangs… Next cosplay perhaps? 😗

It’s nice to take a break from the heavy stuff and watch a funny toon that encourages creativity, resourcefulness, and bravery. I alsoooo appreciate the strong emphasis on family values (like eating dinner together!) and the importance of standing by your friends.

If you’re into modern toons, and need a positive reprieve from your work and emotional traumas and activism and side-hustles and exercising and chores and playing with your pets…watch Craig of the Creek!! I bet you’ll meet a character that you can relate with, as well, whether you’re a horse girl, or swamp queen, or narc, or savvy business woman, or musician, or animal rights activist.

Basically, if you were a kid at some point in your life, there is a character like you in Craig of the Creek. I say try it before your eyes lose the sparkle of youth. ✨


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