Can’t Wait for The Weekend.

I’m living for the weekend lately, even without working. I feel like all the random chores and foster cat care happens during the week.

And technically cat care and cleaning happens on the weekend, too, but the weekdays seem so long.

Lately, it’s been cleaning, kitten-related things, and reading. On paper it sounds like the life and I’m grateful and lucky that I have the opportunity to tax while I’m finding my path, but I do feel stressed thinking that I’m behind everyone I know.

I know not everyone has it all figured out, but at least they’re doing something with their lives. Right now, I’m just happy that I’m getting a few blurbs on my blog. It counts as writing! Haha.

I honestly only write things down when I’m feeling super depressed or anxious, so even though this stream-of-conscious nonsense isn’t much, I’m still proud when I’ve recorded something to completion.

Just trying to get into a good routine again and we’ll see if I get inspired. Where will I end up this time? I’m not going to bother trying to keep up with anything and just go with the flow. Listen to my instinct and let it guide me when I feel that pull.

Whether or not something fruitful comes out of it… I guess you’ll find out since I’ll (hopefully) be blogging about it?

Don’t you guys loves watching the perpetual rise and fall of Miss Moody Lilac? 😹

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