So Crabby Today


Do you ever have a day where, like, everything starts falling out of the cabinets and the fridge and you have butterfingers and ugh you just keep dropping things or knocking them over and the internet is being weird because it’s suuuper windy and the only lemon you had is moldy so you couldn’t add it to your avocado toast and your breakfast was just okay after dreaming about having it all night and your foster kittens had an accident but it happened overnight so it became a major mess first thing in the morning and it’s cold and your sinuses are soooooooo dry from the cold and putting the heat on but your good humidifier broke and not even kava helped you chill out but you have so much stuff to do that you just gotta keep on pushing even though all you want to do is crawl back into bed literally until you can try again when your alarm goes the next morning?

Yeah, same.

Hang in there.


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