Congratulations to Queenie on Your Adoption!

Queenie! Named because you were born on the streets of Queens, you were our little nap queen, and the queen of your litter!

Never missed a feeding since the day you moved in at only about 1 week old, and always first to do anything: open your eyes, walk, fight, climb, hop over your enclosure… With your siblings only a few steps behind.

You were the best behaved of our entire litter, and I always loved that you taught yourself how to jump on my back when I was bent over and hitch a shoulder ride. Although it did take me by surprise each and every time. Right until the very end. 🙂

I grew up but I still fits so I still sits

Good luck at your new home, sweet girl with the pleading eyes, who loved getting pet and who appears all black, but is actually a secret tabby in the proper light. I miss you already and I’m sending lots of love to my little soot ball. 💕

I do secretly wish that her new owner would have just texted me to say they got home okay, but I guess it didn’t work out that way. 😿

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