My Tale of Dishwasher Woe

I don’t know how long ago, but I realized that I was using washing machine cleaner tablets in my dishwasher instead of (obviously) dishwasher tablets.

The two kinds of tablets come in pretty much the same g-d box, and I’ve used the proper ones a million times previously, so I didn’t pay close enough attention to the fact that I was using the wrong friggin’ thing.

When the time inevitably comes to clean the stank dishwasher yet again, I decide to try a different fancier brand of dishwasher cleaner — but worse for the environment, I guess?

I thought it was okay to try a heavy duty cleaning tablet because we have been washing ungodly amounts of cat food things since fostering Daisy and her kittens.

It also only came in a pack of two… which should have been my first clue that it was going to be bullshit.

Naturally, the fancy dishwasher washing tablets kind of suck and I not-so-hastily order what I think are the proper dishwasher cleaning tablets and I swear that I double checked that motherfucker so I wouldn’t make the same mistake twice.

But I was clearly distracted by the whirlwind of getting five kittens fixed, then two adopted, and another special needs one to the emergency clinic that, of course, I ordered the wrong. damn. things. again. LOL.

Why am I like this?

Thus ends my tale of woe, which is less sorrowful than it is pitiful, for I am a negligent fool with a gross dishwasher.

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