I Touchy Da Bell

Our own cats don’t wear collars, but Pinky and Buttons are both deaf. They wear glow-in-the-dark collars with bells so we can always find them since they wouldn’t be able to hear us calling if they ever manage to sneak away.

Buttons is becoming famous for her dive-out-and-bolt-as-soon-as-the-door-opens signature move. Luckily for us, her slithery drunken waddle is a handicap that works in our favor when herding her back into the bedroom. Heavens forbid she manage to sneeek her way out of our field-of-vision, the jingling will always lead us back together.

As always, Pinky is well-behaved and this particular naughtiness doesn’t apply to him.

Poor darling Buttons also always hits the side of the bowl with her bell when she’s eating because of the “pecking” eating style that is common in CH cats. It’s soooooo cute and I’m grateful that her and her brother don’t hear the tap-jingle-tap-jingle during meal time or else they might be very confused. 😹 Then again, they wouldn’t need the collars if they could hear.

Even though they look TOTALLY ADORBS in their matching fits. That’s why they come as a two-for-one special with FREE accessories!

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