Sick of this feeling!

Why is it whenever people don’t answer my texts I feel like they are either:

1. Mad or annoyed at me for some reason?

2. Don’t care about me or what I have to say. Especially when I text important news?

In reality, it’s because everyone is too busy with their own lives to be bothered with mine, even though I’m their friend/relative/whoever!

I’m just going to write everything here and never tell anyone anything except my partner because I’m tired of feeling like I’m not important enough in other people’s lives to take a break from their bullshit to help halve mine the way I (feel like) I try to be for everyone else.

Don’t text me back. You’re busy.

I’m going to get so busy that I won’t have time for anyone either.

Would anyone even miss me? If I got slammed and too busy to answer a text within 24 hours.

I can never drop off. But everyone drops off and leave my texts stagnant in social-limbo, and I’m left suffering silently with my messages, waiting for people to get back to me in the mean time.

I wondered if I died if people could fit my funeral into their schedules?

I have feelings, too, you know!

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