Cat Toy Recovery Unit

Rescued survivors.

Have you checked under your furniture to search and rescue your cats favorite toys recently?

I just took the handle of our Swiffer to the bottomless cavern under the entertainment center.

So gross.

I should definitely try to clean under there more often. I should try to clean my apartment more often in general.

I’ve been trying to go room-by-room in my apartment to organize, de-clutter, rearrange, and sanitize because my allergies have been killing me and all of the negative spaces are long overdue for cleansing!

By the way, these are way better than any cat toy I’ve ever purchased anywhere.

They are the tops off individual baby foods and apple sauces. I pretty much used to buy them for eating purposes, but I stopped getting them because I thought the individual packaging was too wasteful.

Since the cats like the tops, at least I can say I am reducing and reusing some parts of the packaging, so we’re all doing our part?

Why are my cats so addicted to these?!

All five — yes, five! — cats in my home favor those bad Bois over any other toy, no matter how crinkly or kawaii or EXPENSIVE!

Two things on your to-do list today:

1. Clean underneath your couch, bed, or fridge. Wherever your cat is known to “lose” their small toys. Clean away those dust bunnies and mites!

2. Buy some of those applesauce caps and see if your cat (or catzzz) likes them, too. Report back to me with findings!

Where’s mine?!


Daisy likes them, too.

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