Da 20 Minutes

Can you write while you’re watching television? I guess if you’re a serious writer, you always have a notebook, or device, or whathaveyou with you so that you can write all the time.

Personally, if I have an idea or any random thing pops into my head, I write it down in Google Keep. And LORDS KNOW that is not that great of an app for taking notes…

I used to use Evernote, back in the day.

I actually remember logging into my Evernote the day I got my first tattoo to show the artist a picture of a squid I had saved, which then became inked onto my right foot an ankle.

Back to writing while watching television… I am very engrossed in The Sopranos right now because I have actually never finished it. Television fanatics please do not scold me. I know that it is a great show and I actually managed to get a few episodes into season 6A with (SPOILER!) my boi Steve Buscemi.

But I never finished it! I’ve started The Sopranos gauntlet again a few months ago because I have been ✨taking control of my own destiny✨ and trying to watch less television and do more productive activities and hobbies and skills.

It is taking forever to finish a show this way. I much prefer the ol’ binge-and-crisis method of streaming television.

Naturally if I can only finish a max of, like, four episodes per night, I’m neglecting the attributes I am trying to improve upon and just becoming more well-versed in the not so lucrative world of television and film facts.

Okay, half-assed television and film facts. Like, oh my god it’s that actor who was in that show who played in that movie with Michael Cera. What was his name again?

Today instead of completely neglecting my 20 mins for the day like the old me would do, I’m totally writing this blog post while watching television — and a lot stoned — and it is not easy for me.

I don’t know how to hide spoilers on my blog, so I will try my best not to post anything else that might ruin the plot or the emotional aspects of this beautiful show.

I adore shows that can be dissected analytically fairly easily because when you watch them with other people, you can both comment on all the subtext and metaphoric meanings and impress each other by being so SMORT together.

One of my favorite parts is definitely the food because it reminds me of all my favorite foods growing up in Staten Island. Italian food is definitely still my favorite… Top 5… It changes around a lot. Easy vegetarian options that I drool over include: egg & peppas, cold antipast, cold past, macaroni, tossed salad, so much pizza, BIALY oh my god I want to get one for lunch tomorrow…

Since I’m living my best life rn I’m also on a “diet” in which I don’t stuff my fucking face full of delicious penne vodka for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and start eating normal portions instead of eating as if I am trying to fill a void inside my soul.

So far its working, but watching anything delicious on the TV after 6pm is SO HARD because I’m a friggin’ night snacker and dat is just a fact. My partner says it’s because I always have the munchies and I resented that for a while and decided it is probably true because I am usually stoned after all of my most important activities are taken care of and I also switched to indica strains to be less hyper and more C H I L L .

OMG MY 20 MINS ARE UP. Tomorrow I am going to write earlier so I won’t be panicking that I’m not living to at least some of my potential. But I had a nail appointment and I also just making progress towards not being a depressed, lazy funk up anymore and it’s NOT EASY, but the elliptical and writing and drawing are helping me.

ASCENION, y’all!

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