Tea and Coffee

Last night I made myself a night tea blend and cold brew for the next morning. ❤️

I can’t function without coffee in the morning and I always make cold brew because it allegedly has a lower acid content. Good for my poor acidic insides.

I let my ginger get old and kind of squishy so it’s hard to get the skin off before grating. I saved the pieces with a lot of skin on leftover from making dinner earlier that night and put them in my Loch Ness monster tea infuser. 🦕(Close enough)

Dried chamomile flowers, dried lavender flowers, and fresh ginger pieces.

I make this tea blend at night and I swear it helps me sleep better. Not perfect because I’m still an insomniac by nature.

I got this mug from Society6, but I think this particular account and design might have been taken down? You can sign up with my Society6 referral link and get $15 off here.* Yes, I just snuck put an ad into this post. Am I doing it right? Don’t you want to sign up for Society6 now? That’s where most of my cute apartment stuff comes from. 😂 The dish rag from the first photo is also from Society6.*

I recently bought a pound of dried chamomile flowers for tea and baths. I have had this dried lavender forever for the same reason. I also put it in homemade scrubs and cuticle oils and iced tea and basically everything. It’s amazing.

Daisy is helping me, but will not let me take a picture.


180 degrees F (cham is~212 and lavender is ~175) for the tea and cold water over the coffee beans for the cold brew.

And now everything is done. 🙂 Just put the cold brew in the fridge. I got my tea diffuser and mason jar cold brew filter with the lid on Amazon. That’s not an ad, that’s just me being detailed. :p

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