Children of the Sea & See You Later, Daisy!

As per my suggestion, the movie theater near me is screening some popular old movies, new movies, and weeb specialties. JK, they didn’t really listen to me, but it was my idea, so it counts.

Today, I went to see Children of the Sea. It is available on Netflix at this current time (in America) and you can totally watch it right now if you feel like it. I have watched this movie multiple times on Netflix already since they’ve added it.

I have even fallen asleep with this movie on because it is so relaxing, despite the number of sad themes. I don’t know if it’s because I’m depressed all the time, but I am somewhat enamored with the idea of feeling lonely in the vastness of space. This feeling is amplified while watching this movie because of the film’s central idea that all things on Earth are connected to all the other things in the universe.

You don’t have to feel lonely, because there is always something — countless things, really — that are a part of you, just as you are part of everything else. We’re made of star stuff, our ecosystems may not be the most advance thing out there, our oceans are as full of mystery as space, the mass of dark matter is greater than the mass of known matter.

These are ideas that you may have heard before if you’re into science fiction. If you’re like me, you might even be getting sick of hearing about dark matter, and how little of it any human can comprehend. In some other stories, dark matter seemed more like a plot device for the unexplained mysteries that lie beyond our measly human comprehension, but in other cases, the idea serves to keep the audience open minded. It reminds us that we are very much not the centers of the universe, as many of us like to believe. Yours truly included. 🙂

I try to be less harshly critical of the things that I watch and read now because I understand how difficult it is to complete a writing, art, or film project. I can only imagine how painstakingly hard it is to make such a beautiful anime film come to life from a manga.

I initially complained that the story was a bit convoluted. I mean, how can you make such a general concept the prevalent theme fit into under two hours of film? I have never read the manga either. I am just learning about it now and I’m about to buy it! I maintained that the film was still great, but I found it more visually stunning than I favored the plot. The scenes are ocean themed and the effects and animation combined are heavenly. It’s worth watching for that reason alone, if you’re not really into all the brooding and cynicism.

If I’m being honest, philosophical themes tend to hurt my brain because their details cannot be analyzed in the same way. They are always based on perspective. There are too many possibilities and they can all be refuted and changed a zillion times. Existentialism gives me existential crises.

This time around, after a lovely post-workout lunch and beer, I legally vaped outside the theater before sitting down with my beloved pretzel bites. Yes, I counted the calories for those. Yes, I asked for them with no cheese. Yes, they gave me cheese anyway. Yes, I still ate it. NO, I do not regret.

High off vape concentrate and a huge Diet Coke and the unique art direction of this movie, I rescinded my complaints about the plot being too confusing for my dumb brain and understood it so much better as the stars and ocean waves and whales and constellations and plankton and skies and sea creatures and songs gave me goosebumps.

I smiled throughout and thanked the gods for guiding me towards this movie again on the big screen.

I am insignificant, and so are you. But everything we do matters. We are the smallest parts of the biggest picture. We don’t have to feel lonely. We don’t have to worry so much.

I needed to feel this today. I am doing what I’m supposed to do.

I am sad because we have decided to rehouse one of our foster cats, Daisy. If you remember, she was the mother of the mother-and-kittens we were fostering since last year!

As much as we would have loved to keep her here with us — and we did absolutely everything save for put her on kitty meds — this was not the perfect home for her and everyone knew it after some time.

I was a little heartbroken to give her up because I didn’t want her to think that me and my partner don’t love her. We love her so much. I wanted her since the first day they arrived here. I nursed her from a scrawny mama cat who was living on the streets and eating garbage, to a healthy silky snowy queen with gorgeous amber eyes.

However, we happen to have a friend who was looking for a single cat for his studio apartment. He met Daisy and they got along and he even inquired about adopting her before she was even available to adopt.

One bad fight between Daisy and Sassy and I called it, Daisy needs to be rehomed so she can live her best life and not have to be isolated from everyone else so she doesn’t fight.

We called our friend as our first choice to see if he was still interested and it was like fate. He wanted a singular cat, we had a cat who needed to be in a single-cat home. It was a match made by the heavens.

I am more happy than sad for Daisy because I know she is going to do so much better in a place where she can have all the toys and space and food for herself and she will never have to feel stressed about the other cats getting in her space again.

Plus she is still in the family, more like a cousin now. She also only lives a 10 minute walk away from us, so we can visit if we ever want to, although I trust my friend to do an excellent job with her.

After getting some perspective on Daisy’s new lifestyle, reaching a higher state of being from watching that trippy, iridescent movie in a near-empty theater, and eating hot cheese without managing to spill any of it on my bare legs (I felt brave enough to wear shorts out today), I feel fucking amazing about everything.

It’s like everything is falling into place in the most positive way. I just have to keep working to maintain this situation, and I believe it will be easier to manage from here.

Still work, but worth it because I am seeing the results all over.

With love,

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