Self Care and Sunshine πŸŒž

Did some school-related stuff.

Got my brows threaded.

Printed some docs at the internet cafe.

Walked to the bank.

Walked to the nail salon.

*~mani & pedi~*

Sat on the balcony in the sub and read The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho for the first time and I totally get it. It’s opening my mind up and making me appreciate my life and craft.

Though I’m having a rough time emotionally, I’m pushing forward. Even dealing with the bureaucratic headaches that crop up so often with the start of new school (immuno records wtf I am 30?) I feel a little better about stuff because every blockade has been dealt with accordingly.

It’s like fighting a bunch of administrative mini-bosses until I get to the final boss… A capstone project!

That’s still like… 3 years away though. For now it would be nice if I can just find an elective course that gives me the 6-credit minimum needed to stay eligible for a federal loan. 😭

Btw did I mention that I got into every school that I applied for? I wanted to make a big stink about it on my blog post but honestly that was probably the easiest part of this whole process. It’s like they say in The Alchemist, making a decision is only the first part of a lot more to come. I’m paraphrasing, obviously.

I’m totally going to become one of those people who reads The Alchemist then quotes it relentlessly because it’s d e e p and I want people to think I am verrrryy D E E P as well. :’)

My balcony plants are coming in nicely. Here’s hoping they have a successful summer of exponential growth. And so do I. And so do you!

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