Gloomy in the Rain

When it rains, I want to watch anime, read books, wear my comfiest lounge wear.

I always feel happier when it rains. I love the atmosphere’s soft edges and the earthy smell. In NYC, the petrichor scent is nostalgic.

It reminds me of millennial-era cartoons and playing Neopets inside and eating all the best junk food that was specifically marketed toward children. Cosmic brownies, please! 🌌

It reminds me of torrenting sad music to put into my iPod Video, most of which I still listen to today.

I feel comfortable in my gloom because I am gloomy by nature. It rains every year on my birthday, and I wouldn’t be surprised if it was raining the day I was born. Every time I travel, a storm follows me. When I get home, the storm comes, too.

This weather is perfect for my mood — it’s better for staying inside and I’ve been depressed and staying inside the last few days anyway. I think I needed it, and I am glad that mother nature gave me a freebie. On the plus side, I still got my daily goals accomplished, though it felt like I was doing them with weights around my wrists and ankles. Like my hair and body are a massive 50 pounds heavier today. Cheers to doing the thing, even with obstacles.

But the best part of staying inside on a rainy day tho? Watching the weather with your cats! Especially the kittens, who are still fascinated by new weather because of those darling short attention spans. The older sisters just love having another excuse to have a relaxing nap.

Random: I ate beets today because they’re a witchy way to mend your broken heart. My heart still feels broken and I felt like the beets looked more like bruises on my body, or a chopped up heart. I ate them all except one bit that was too large and didn’t cook thoroughly enough. I hope that it’s still enough for the little magic to work. πŸ’œβœ¨

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