Sansai Udon

Mountain vegetable Udon from Udon West on St. Mark’s.

The first time I went to this restaurant was to get out of the rain many years ago. It was gritty and super fast-paced and all my friends from the Tri-state area loved it too.

Took all of my friends and even my family here frequently in the years to follow. The staff has seen boyfriend and boyfriend sitting next to me, too.

Last night me and one of my besties went back before getting tattoos — our new tradition! Noodles and tattoos. Because NYC is the kind of place you can do something like that within a 15 second walk.

My partner in crime reminded me that the first time we ate here we were talking about getting our first apartment together. And we did. A dilapidated Bushwick walkup with a third roommate who we knew nothing about.

A lot of people would say that this place isn’t the best, and I agree. The quality and abrasiveness aren’t for the average tourist or foodie, but I love this place all the same.

Me and my (also vegetarian) cohort were ecstatic to know that they have veggie broth options, so we don’t have to repent for having fish broth with our noodles anymore.

I was desperate for a draft beer, but we had to BYOB White Claws instead. That’s okay, too. Nothing is perfect. And I saved calories hehehe.

I planned my croquette set order half a day in advanced and literally counted down the hours when I could shove hot noodles into my face.

It was only more appropriate that my first time back in so long was also in the pouring rain.

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