So Addicted.

Omg. I have found an activity that is a combination of all my favorite things: video games, Ariana Grande, burning a million calories, K-Pop, booty shaking, Nintendo, and not leaving the house.

Y’all know I have been hitting the elliptical, though honestly I have been struggling to get on it last week because of the depression laze haze. Once I started playing Just Dance, I was like what the hell? Where has this been all my life??

I suspected that it would be kind of cheesy with less actual dancing and more flailing and herp-derping around, but when I started to find the rhythm to my some of my favorite pop songs I was like… Why didn’t I do this sooner? Why didn’t I play this all last year?

Yeah, the 2021 version has more of the new popular songs, but even the older games have some of those songs that get stuck in your head all day. And I’m Ari every year for Halloween, so now I can start dancing to her music, too. And learn to vogue? And be kawaii to Hatsune Miku?


I can’t handle it. I literally got 90 mins of activity on my FitBit when I am crawling to 30 minutes a day IF I AM BEING GOOD.

I think I’ve found something new to curb my appetite and burn tons of calories and stop being such a dough girl all the time. I just have to remember to get my 3 magical to-do’s done everyday: read, write, draw. Progressssss.

Thank God our living room is situated about the entrance of our apartment building and not over anyone’s actual apartment so the neight don’t think I’m having weird sex or, you know, playing Just Dance nonstop.


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