Pressed Flowers: The Procrastinator’s Way.

As promised days ago (because I really never get anything done when I first say I’m going to), my first set of pressed flowers! This post is probably going to be hella weird. I’m having a woozy day probably just because I’m spotting some it’s hard to concentrate on anything except cramps headaches nausea. You know? Da works.

As I mentioned before, I think you’re supposed to leave flowers in the kit for something like 2-3, but I was so busy “living my best life” that I didn’t actually open the Ziploc bag for about a week and a half? I don’t know. Everything this summer is a blur with the storms and the dieting and the art projects and the weigh-ins and the tattoos and the going-outs and the catching-up-with-friendsz, etc.

If it makes you feel better, this isn’t the only the thing that I’ve been procrastinating. Most of you already know that. But I don’t actually know why that would make you feel better or worse, either way. o_O

*glares at plastic bins full of things in the hallway*

I decided to preserve some “I’m sorry” roses to test them out. I was so mad about everything, I wouldn’t really have cared if they ended up in the garbage either way. At least testing them in the press kit is a good way to repurpose the guilt and shame they actually represent. 😡

I will say no more on that subject, however, because I live in the present moment for now. Pun intended.


I don’t really like the totally flattened one. I don’t know why.

I think the ones I did on their sides came out best, so I will try to do them that way in the future. I don’t think I’m going to buy fresh cut flowers for a while, though, and wait for my blue morning glories to bloom on the balcony and then try it on those. Unless someone gets me flowers, I will have patience.

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