Registration Success

Surprisingly I was able to register for my classes without any issue today and I am officially starting school next week.

That means that this week, literally this week, is my last week of freedom.

I feel like I should turn up, but I’m probably just going to smoke weed and read and then do a no smoking challenge the first week of school and see if I get a million times smarter because I think I’ve been perpetually high since I was like 15 years old.

And this is grad school so it’s like no joke anymore.

PhD track, motherfucker!

I’m also going to try to binge watch all of Adventure Time, which I actually have never finished believe it or not (based on how much I love cartoons.)

I’m currently working on Owl House, but I really have to finish Adventure Time because there’s nothing else like it and there’s so many new movies on HBO Max that I haven’t gotten to yet.

I only have 7 days left. Can I do it?!

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