I feel like I’m not making the most out of my last few days of freedom during this summer holiday.

As the days grow closer, I just get more nervous about going back to school and start thinking about all of the things I should check off my to-do list before next Wednesday.

See my siblings, see my friends, tidy up the apartment so it doesn’t get out of hand during the semester: check, check, check.

I also wanted to eat a Beyond burger everyday until school started (ha!) but now we’re going to a rooftop party on Saturday, so it’s my last opportunity to get cute in front of people I haven’t seen for ages and I’m sooooo chonk. Maximum chunk from maximum delicious food and beer on vacation.

If I start hitting the elliptical again tomorrow, is that enough time to get body hot before I see everyone? 😭

More importantly, I wish that I could not care about that stuff, but after I bought my tickets today that is all I could think about, sadly.

Basically, how am I going to “get a hawt bod in 3 days” while simultaneously eat a daily plant-based burger and read everything on my Kindle AND bookshelf and toe the line somewhere between turning up a reasonable amount and not being fully braindead by my first class?

These are my new daily fears. Why can’t I just take pressure off myself to HAVE FUN in a certain way and just have some damn fun without feeling guilty or ashamed about one thing or the other? It is my last hurrah, after all.

Sorry for the lazy graphic, too. Surprisingly, I am even putting stuff on the blog because the fear and excitement have basically both demotivated me sooo much. Maybe school will actually help with that? I wonder how I’m going to approach this beast and when I’ll start feeling good about the decision again. Aaahhhhhh!

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