Witchy Ring Finds in Salem

Technically, I took this photo in Boston and not Salem because I was already wearing rings when I went to Village Silversmith and didn’t wear the rings home.

Hence, my photo the next day in Faneuil Hall.

Also, the middle finger ring isn’t from Salem. Just the lovely bat and foxy fox rings. I usually wear costume jewelry style rings to as filler on the fingers that don’t have any fancy, artisan pieces. It’s an easy way to add zhuzh to your look for a little time and money. 🙂

A bonus of buying rings at Village Silversmith — I finally know my rings sizes on those two fingers. I usually try rings on in person until I find one that I like and that fits my finger! Or I buy an adjustable ring, but I’ve only ever seen those in the Tibetan store by my place. 💍

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