Okay so my professor doesn’t pre-hate me. Yes, I have pudding brains and it might take me a little bit of time to catch up academically, but I am sure that I can do that in a few weeks as long as I keep up with the reading and lectures and discussion boards.

Let me just say that I sure am glad that I was an English Language Arts major in college after all because by the end of my undergrad career it was nothing but research and scholarly articles and citations and reading and jargon and all that stuff a lot of people hate but I LOVE! All these articles and books are challenging and fun and not that I don’t love reading comics and fantasy books, but it is nice to read things that actually exercise your brain instead of feed into your obsession with childhood escapism (now adult escapism!)

Cute school supplies from Morning Glory.

I definitely think that what I really should work on is being as confident in how I present myself because I was very shy and nervous today (I haven’t been to school in 4 years and I was basically freaking out before class today!) I have another course tomorrow where we will probably be doing similar introductions and maybe the professor will present the Google slideshow that we had to put together and everyone will see the gifs of my cats from this blog (HA!) and I can express myself as someone who is proud to be a blogger working on her Master’s degree although I am not exactly sure which direction I want to take it yet. And that’s okay I guess. At least that’s what I’m telling myself.

I’m actually excited in a good way again although I am still apprehensive of attending Pace just because it is a totally new school altogether and I have a feeling it’s going to be a lot different than these CUNY’s that my poor NYC ass is used to attending. It’s just two classes. It’s just two classes. And only one is on-campus. And it’s only half the time!

Cute school supplies from Morning Glory. Miss Moody Lilac desks.

I’m not hoping that they close campuses again because of COVID, but I really LOVE going to school from home because it’s like what I do all day anyway — be home, tidy up, play with the cats, freak out, eat whatever I want, wear whatever I want, do whatever I want! With an adorable and fulfilling 2-hour lecture and a lot of interesting reading at my adorable desk with all my KAWAII school supplies… and then I get to walk to the living room and slap on the 65 inch TV and continue doing my thang. It’s really fucking amazing. I never want to go in again!

Like I said, it’s only two days a week and it’s only half the semester. 🙂 I only want to take online school it’s the best! I don’t even have to wear pants if I don’t feel like it. 😀 AMAZING!!!

I am elated.

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