HIGHLY Underrated Animation — Magical Girl Friendship Squad!

Ughhh why do people rate AMAZING shows like these with such aggression just because they don’t get them?!

I mean, the millennial humor, the magical girl homage, the relevant feminine quirks, the 420 refs, the adorable red panda, the diversity?! It’s like they made my brain into a cartoon. And I rate my brain 10/10!

Magical Girl Friendship Squad!

It’s a good thing I don’t take other people’s opinions into consideration and I form my own opinions about new content. I absolutely hate that Rotten Tomatoes and IMDb ratings are displayed in the content summary on some streaming platforms.

To quote a t-shirt that one very sweet and thoughtful friend bought me in high school: I like what I like so get off my back!

If you can handle raunchy female leads and potty humor and generally relate to the lost, lazy millennial sometimes (or always, in my case) you will love this show, too.

If you’re a het-cis white male… You’ll probably hate it. And not that I don’t love Rick and Morty myself, but this is the antithesis. No surprise that Rick and Morty is one of the highest rated shows on IMDb, either. 🤔

If you like me and my blog, you’ll love Magical Girl Friendship Squad. I am currently watching it on Peacock, and I see there is an Origin version on YouTube and Estelle voices one of the characters? 🤤 HELLO?! It’s ESTELLE! Has she ever been on anything that wasn’t fabulous?!

Seriously, if you have a good sense of humor and don’t mind a few f-bombs, then what’s not to love about some quick-witted “I feel personally attacked!” deprecation? 🙂

I mean, sarcasm and self-deprecation are in my nature, but that’s only because I’m hilarious and my bad habits make me an easy target for myself! LAUGH WITH ME MAKING FUN OF ME FOR BEING ME!

And then watch this cartoon!

And maybe even boost it’s rating on those sites? Creating an animated show isn’t easy — a lot of people put a lot of work into it and it rarely gets the recognition it deserves as a medium! Ease up on the criticism and laugh a little for a change. 🙂

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