Try to Keep Up!

I’m lucky this and next week I have some days off of one school because my second school starts on Wednesday!

It’s been a challenging but successful first two (almost three!) weeks of school so far. I mean, I still have doubts that I’m doing as well as my classmates, but I think that I have better techniques for reading and studying than I did last week and I *think* I might actually be absorbing more information now?!

Since my classes are staggered these first few weeks, keeping up with the work and reading and assignments hasn’t been too bad. Some of the reading is sooo dense with non-existent paragraph indents and those really kill me!

Luckily for me one of my classes is children’s book publishing and one of the assignments is reading this beautiful YA fiction novel called The Firekeeper’s Daughter. If you like multicultural stories and want to learn more about Objiwe culture, read it! There are so many layers between language and reservation life and womanhood and right now there’s a bit of mystery that makes it a nice, less evil reprise from all that historical World’s Fair stuff with all the dates and numbers and infuriating imperialism. Ugh!

Okay I am learning a lot about World’s Fairs from the inside out, so I enjoy those readings, too, but jeez they can be soooooo dry that I sit at my desk praying not to lose my place so I don’t keep rereading the same lines over and over cause there is only so much my eyeballs and brain can do before they get fried. šŸ˜­

Pray 4 me that I can keep up with everything when I have 4 classes per week with no days off! šŸ™‚

PS, mad respect to all those people who do grad school with like, full time jobs and families and pets and all that. You are my heroes!

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