NYCC 2021 – I Can Do Dat Too

On top of everything with school, I remember that I already bought NYCC badges and one of my days overlaps with a class OH NO!

I’ve already emailed my professor to make sure we don’t have any important work that day but we DO have important work that day of course so now I am rearranging my plans. She said to remind her closer to the date, so I’ll say I *might* be absent to cover my bases, but I think I might do something fun and crazy and go to NYCC and then cut across town from Javitts Center to my campus, which is only a very convenient 10 min cab ride away! Yes, I can do it all. Most likely in cosplay, too.

That makes a cuter story, too, right?

Casual con day followed by grad school learnin’ without missing a beat! One of the perks of living in NYC. 🙂 Plus, I have Tix for Friday, too, so I don’t really mind cutting that day short so I don’t lose valuable book learnin’ especially because it’s way more expensive than Comic-Con anyway so it just makes sense.

As for cosplaying… You know I love my no-sew cosplay, and both costumes were a hit despite my inability to sew! And I say hit because because like 3 people took a pic of me both days. 🙂

Miss moody lilac at NYCC 2019 as Connie from Steven Universe
It me! As an awkward Cloud Connie from SU.
The OG Cloud Connie from Steven Universe!

I love a girl with an eye patch!

But we’ll have to wear masks at NYCC this year which means eye patches are tricky and I don’t know any characters that I like who wear masks so I’m going to get creative with the mask situation. 🤔 I’ll do some kind of artistic interpretation with my cosplay.

I’m thinking Susie from Summer Camp Island for Thursday because it will be less disturbing to my normie classmates and looks relatively easy to put together with minimal crafting. Also, Susie is my favvvv character from Summer Camp Island. A sassy British cat witch with pink hair? Yeah, I vibe with that! I always vibe with the HBIC characters in shows that are villainous because they remind me of ME!

Susie summer camp island
Anything can happen when witches make the rules!

And maybe for Friday… (BEE AND PUPPYCAT SPOILERS AHEAD!) Violet from BAPC?!

Bapc violet
Cardamon’s mom!

Also seems easy enough to put together 🤔 the wig will be the priciest bit. And I know in Season 2 she has massive wing tips, but that is a spoiler for people who haven’t seen the leaked season, so I’m trying to keep it strictly season 1!

If you can buy anything Bee and Puppycat related or watch the YouTube vids with ads… Do it! I want to give the creators lots of money so they’ll keep working on my favorite reluctant adult cartoon. I mean, I got VRV for BAPC and that was bust. I bought all the comics. What else can I do now? I can’t ethically encourage anyone to dl the leaked vids on cartoon kiss… Altho I love cartoon kiss for always being there for me.

Hence, keeping my Violet costume within the confines of the short, mysterious first season is the most fair way to do it. Although, her name isn’t actually revealed until season 2. So sorry for spoiling that bit, too. >.<

Gonna grind in school and plan my cosplay. You CAN have it all!

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