Dis was the longest week ever. You know I took my double loaf days Wednesday and Thursday after my harrowing journey on the Pace campus and ending falling hella behind on my reading.

Somehow I pulled off ALL my damn assignments and I thought they were pretty okay, but we’ll see when I get my grades because I think I wrote too smart for Children’s Book Publishing and not smart enough for World’s Fairs.

This was good recon tho because now I kind of know what to expect difficulty-wise and I also know how to fudge some speed-read texts so I get my participation points for the day.

Hint: just raise your hand and talk about the shit you did read, or piggyback off your classmates response and go on a tangent that has nothing to do with the article but you spoke in class so your Professor will prob still count it, OR (if you’re a minority group) start talking about discrimination in whatever field you’re currently studying and that will at least get the white professors bamboozled enough to not give you a bad participation grade that day.

(All 4 of my professors are white this semester.) 🤔 I only remember one WOC professor my entire undergrad tbh sooooo maybe I should use this technique to shake things up a little bit more during grad school. 🤣

Maybe by the time I’m done with school there will be more diversity in that regard… BUT I DIGRESS. (Sorry everything has turned politic on here lately but I can’t unsee this everywhere now!)

I definitely got all my schoolwork done, most of my reading, and even got all my NYCC costume supplies. But I’ve been negligent as fuck to my cats, and apartment, and plants! My boyfriend doesn’t care about getting attention though so that’s one positive thing lmao. It’s like his dream to do his weird man hobbies while I’m hunched over the tiny font of my Critical Childhood and Youth Studies article.

Like I said, this week was ROUGH, so tomorrow I’m taking A DAY. Nails, cleaning plants, pet love, JUST DANCE. Reset my tired brain because on Saturday the cycle of abuse restarts! 😭

But I already came up with my school work schedule so I guess you can say once I take care of all the house keeping and cat keeping, I’m pretty much crushing it?

Yeah, I haven’t felt like that in a while. Grad school is the way.

Except for, you know, the insurmountable debt. And higher exposure to Covid. And long study hours that burn your eyeballs right out of your head.

But one of my campuses is in Herald Square which has a Journeys, Levi’s, Superdry, AND Uniqlo so THAT’S fucking awesome.

Also, Korea Town! I can practically taste the spicy noodles I will be shoveling in my face the next time I’m there in… 4 weeks? Cause I only have to go IN every 2 weeks, and the next time I would go in is COMIC CON!!!

I guess I’m moody but like… In a good mood.


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