Cosplay Update: Lilac Wig for Moody!

Bee and Puppycat spoilers below!

It’s a good thing I picked two easy cosplay for Comic Con because I am so busy with schoolwork mostly every day that I am pretty much going to try on each costume the night before and pray is doesn’t all fall apart or that you can’t see my underwear through my white dress or something in the bright bright lights at Jacob Javitts Center. 😭

Miss Moody Lilac purple wig mml
No I am not that beautiful. I just used a photo editing app. 🤣

Violet bee and puppycat mml
Cardamon’s mom from Bee and Puppycat!

Miss Moody Lilac purple wig mml

This is for my Friday cosplay: Violet from Bee and Puppycat! I still need to make paper cranes and a paper crown.

In the leaked season 2, she has these big white wings in the back of her head but I might ignore that and assume not everyone has seen season 2 yet anyway.

Miss Moody Lilac purple wig mml

There are a lot of nerds, so I think at least one person will recognize who I am and then my costume will be a success.

Yes, I will have my old business cards that I quickly had printed 2 years ago because I was mad convinced that people would be hype about my blog.


We are getting somewhere. 😹

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