(Miss Moody) Lilac Toms

I took a chance on these allegedly fake Toms from Amazon because 1. They were lilac colored and 2. I needed cute shoes to wear with my Violet Cosplay for NYCC but wanted something that I could break in quickly and reuse later.

The last thing I needed was a pair of ballerina slippers with no arch support that may or may not fit to be returned as I cut it close to the con date!

Miss Moody Lilac new shoes Tom's
Lilac Toms?!

And tbh one of my cosplay money-saving tricks is to get some versatile pieces that I can reuse in my daily life so I don’t have to feel bad about spending $150-250 on ephemera. :^)

My cosplays are coming together! More updates soon!! Meet me at Comic Con and get one of my original business cards from two years ago. 🤣

Miss Moody lilac business card
My original business card design! I still have so many. 😹

I got my funky cute rug on society6 here*. Hides inevitable cat scratches better than a plain rug!

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