A Sigil for Motivation

I learned how to make sigils from this tumblr post and I decided to try it for myself.

I’ve always thought about these because of The Magicians. I just thought they looked cool! 😂

Here is one for all of us currently in school to help us stay motivated even when we have sooo much work to do and some of it is suuuper boring!


In other news I totally rant-posted about data siphoning and how I only have one ad on my blog and I was totally a tinfoil hat person until I realized you can’t defeat the collection! I hope I don’t get a bad grade this week for not sounding very academic. Especially because the class is about digital audience development and data collection is a necessary requirement if you want your company to be successful LOL! I need to learn to be less crazy in the company of others OH LORD.

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