Buttons watches My Little Pony

I’ve never actually watched My Little Pony (sorry) but I’ve heard it’s good!

Buttons likes it, too.

I was going to watch this movie then they started singing and I was NOT in the mood for a musical because I had so much reading to do today and OH MY GOD I am tired.

My boyfriend just flew to Switzerland for a work thing. His product is launching! He is a developer for something? A programmer? The one where you type robot language and make stuff happen on the computer. And that is the extent of my knowledge of this field. :^)

I like to think I’m somewhat smort but I’m not that smart. 😭 I wish I could do that stuff.

Instead I’m like hurr durr me and my cat are watching My Little Pony okay time to read another comic book before I do homework until I cry.

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