Double Trouble in the Window

Don’t let the innocent faces fool you. The solar alignments are making them extra extra loud and terrible this morning.

Miss Moody Lilac buttons and pinky in the window
Buttons (left) & Pinky (right)

Pinky starting his daily screaming at 3am instead of his usual 630am and my boyfriend was SUPER MAD. 😹 By the time I woke up, Pinky was peacefully sleeping on my boyfriend’s side of the bed, while my boyfriend slept on the couch.

Buttons, usually an angel with sporadic, spastic moments, decided that despite her cerebellar hypoplasia she wants to CLIMB EVERYTHING.

Normally Buttons is very aware of her limitations since CH makes her slip and slide and fall over. She doesn’t usually try to jump or climb onto high areas unless she’s practiced (we have squishy tiles and yoga mats around those areas)

TODAY THO she wanted to climb on a box that she kept slipping off into the bookshelf, climb over the gap between the bed onto the window (with my help) and now she is doing death rolls over her spring toy directly behind my plant shelf. She keeps purposely bringing the spring back behind the blinds on the balcony door. WHY!!

Tbh I haven’t even seen Pinky really nap in the last few days no matter how much I play with him so I definitely think it has to do with whatever is happening in space rn. IT’S MESSING WITH THE ANIMALS!

I can even hear the neighbor’s kitty upstairs running laps. Oh gods. 🤣

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