First Read of My NYCC Haul: Imagine Wanting Only This by Kristen Radtke

If you’re following me on my brand new Twitter, you’ve probably seen my NYCC Day 2 haul. Yes, I understand that this is both and unflattering picture of excess as well as something highly enviable. Also yes, I am ashamed and this is part of where my depression is coming from because I spent waaaay too much money.

Miss Moody Lilac NYCC day two haul with books, comics, prints, graphic novels, a Pikachu glass, a mystery box, a hoodie, geeky oven mitts, art books, tarot cards, and collectibles.
My NYCC day two haul with books, comics, prints, graphic novels, a Pikachu glass, a mystery box, a hoodie, geeky oven mitts, art books, tarot cards, a puzzle, plushies, and other collectibles.

But all that money was worth it. When else will I have the opportunity to look at all these collectibles and comics and books and prints in person before buying them? There really isn’t anything like Comic-Con. If you ever have the opportunity to go to this (and you fall into any one of the innumerable categories of nerdom) then you need to go! Save your money ahead of time, get your tickets in advanced, and set a budget. Trust me.

It’s also a good way to get some gift shopping out of the way, if you have enough hands to carry everything out. I basically ran out of both my hands and my boyfriend’s hands within two hours. This year we came prepared with an art tubey thing, a tote bag, and a backpack. And still we waddled out on day two with many-a-funny-man teasing us for our having “way too much stuff.” I will say that by the end we did a pretty great job of consolidating all the loot, though. And we took an Uber home to Astoria which was refreshing after two long days of walking, talking, and shopping.

Miss Moody Lilac stack of books purchased at NYCC 2021
Except for The Crowns of Croswald, these are all the hardcover books I acquired on Thursday and Friday. They were heavy. 🙂

With so many new things to read, I barely knew where to start. The depression guilts set in and I almost didn’t want to do anything that was useful to my brain. No reading, no exercise, no healthy food. Nothing! But I’m trying my best to pull myself back from the edge and I knew that I would feel better even if I only read a few pages of a something easy. I picked through some of the softcover art books and easy reads to feel better about not touching any of the goodies and believe it or not that did help.

Something about the big depression that settles in after the big manic spending episode is this: you don’t even want to look at all of those purchases. They pile up, or remain stowed away in tote bags and drawers and containers totally forgotten about for however long. Sometimes I go through a bin that needs sorting and I’m like, oh wow I totally forgot I had this enamel pin or this print. It’s really quite bad and I think I need help to get everything organized. And to stop spending so much on material things. Pain comes from wanting things, right? That’s what Ray Liotta said on Many Saints of Newark, anyway. 🤣

Miss Moody Lilac photo of Imagine Wanting Only This by Kristin Radtke
Imagine Wanting Only This by Kristin Radtke

Though I am very eager to read the fantasy trilogy The Crowns of Croswald because the author, D.E. Night, said she is self-published (and I highly admire anyone who self-publishes) I decided to read this graphic novel first. I was just at Comic Con, after all. I need to read comics and graphic novels — new stories are the number one reason I get so hyphy about NYCC in the first place.

I’m obsessed with graphic memoirs at the moment. Think, Tillie Walden’s Spinning or Craig Thomas’s Blankets. Imagine Wanting Only This was actually already on my list before I went to NYCC — can you believe I actually found something that I wanted ahead of time? I got it from the RJ Julia Booksellers stand and now I’m totally reading it first. I might as well, yeah? It was on my list and I’ve found it!

As I’m trying to write about my first blood read, Buttons (CH Kitty) is driving me bonkers. She is climbing up the balcony door screen, she’s going behind the entertainment center, she’s hollering to no end. I blame the planetary alignments and I blame my aggression on my surprise period (WHY do I get my period if I’m on the mini-pill? Ugh!) This post that should have taken no more than 30 minutes has taken me over one hour to write just because I have to get up every 20 seconds to stop Buttons’s reign of terror. How will I get a few peaceful moments to read when I can’t even get free time to write a blog post? And I need peaceful moments to do homework, too. And THAT seems impossible right now as well.

Hopefully I get to my first choice soon. But first let’s eat a spicy breakfast and do some schoolwork and exercise?? And shower and more schoolwork and ugh my professor wants to call me to workshop my paper while she’s “in the mountains” and make dinner and God maybe I will actually be able to read tonight after all.



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