#StevenUniverse Fans, Hold on to Your Gems! Look at My #MysteryBox Loot!

I’m not usually a fan of mystery boxes because I do NOT like surprises and I have very reasonable fears about being ripped off.

HOWEVER! This was Comic-Con and there were sooo many mystery boxes to choose from and there was a special buy 2, get a free prize. At first I didn’t see one that was to my liking but then the man was like, this doesn’t look like Steven Universe, but it is! And so my interest was piqued. I choose SU, my bf chose Nintendo.

The outside of our mystery boxes both looked like dis:

Miss Moody Lilac Steven universe mystery box with her cat cookie inside after it was opened.
Cookie in my mystery box post-unboxing.

And I was totally happy with all my loot. Steven Universe is over (sad) so I figured anything in this box would be good since I rarely see SU collectibles anymore. Except for Funko Pops, I remember there was some good SU swag at Hot Topic, buuuut they’ve def moved on. Sorry, Steven!

Miss Moody Lilac Steven universe mystery box opened
Initial unboxing looked good to me based on the mug alone.
Miss Moody Lilac Steven universe mystery box. Collectors bag clip blind bag
Another blind bag. I won’t say who was inside because I’m gifting it to my sister.
Miss Moody Lilac Steven universe mystery box. Steven Universe star mug.
Steven Universe mug 😍 for my mug collection.

Miss Moody Lilac Steven universe mystery box. Tiger Millionaire Steven plush
Didn’t love this one, but welcome home nonetheless!
Miss Moody Lilac Steven universe mystery box. Star fleece blanket.
THE BEST PRIZE! A Steven Universe fleece blanket. 😭

Obviously the mug and blanket are my FAVS. I totally used to collect blankets back in the day, but those Hello Kitty and Adventure Time blankets are long gone. Maybe I should get back into this, since the only other cool blanket I have is one my bf got me for Xmas with pot leaves that says “Serial Chiller” that we have to hide from the parents whenever they come over. 😹

I never really go for mugs, but I get them as gifts sometimes and I love them! I would dive deep into these collectibles if only I had enough room in the cabinets. 🤔

Bonus: this was the prize we got for buying two mystery boxes!

Miss Moody Lilac Steven universe mystery box bonus prize: Pikachu drinking glass!
Pikachu glass! With my morning cold brew in it.

The person picking her prize before us rejected the Pikachu glass and I REALLY wanted it, so when it was my bf’s turn and he rejected the MegaMan plush, I Secret’d this glass into our lives. 🤣 Can’t believe it worked. I didn’t even care for the Nintendo Switch or Switch Lite as a potential bonus prize. I wanted that glass.

Napoleon Dynamite gif I want that

I don’t see myself getting mystery boxes often in the future, but this time around it was definitely worth it!

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