The plan today was to skip class so traveling down the Fi-DIE wouldn’t wipe out before my midterm.

Prof emails me back and says I am allowed to Zoom 2x this semester, so yay I can Zoom and won’t miss class, but WOMP now I have to finish the work I was catching up on around my class instead of taking the day to ketchup! 🍅

30 mins before class is going to start… Prof emails everyone and says class is canceled altogether and midterm is postponed (again) to next week. WAH!!! I dodged a bullet bc I would have been MURDEROUS if I dragged my ass all the way downtown and found out class was canceled after I spent like 1h getting there. THANK YOU GODS AND THE UNIVERSE! I was saved.

More time to study and time to finish up work for tomorrow and Thursday, not bad either. Yes, I did pull it off tyvm!

Also started therapy today. It’s so quick and obviously I didn’t know which way I wanted it to go and I’ll say it definitely didn’t go the way I expected but it was still good. I’m happy to keep working thru my many issues at their core with a dash of crisis management when I’m feeling extra *~cray~*

Sorry I know crazy is a problematic term that I use here often, but I love describing myself in problematic ways: crazy, slutty, lazy, stupid… It’s part of my self deprecating humor. Working on not calling other ppl those names either! I will even move away from saying “ya big dummy” if it means less ppl will internalize it.

ALSO, I was supposed to facilitate a discussion based on an article for tomorrow’s class but Prof never uploaded the article? I’m caught up and reading for that class and bracing myself to facilitate a discussion that I didn’t volunteer for because of that error. 🥲 Luckily, both articles are about children’s lit, so I am excited to talk about those either way. I just didn’t do a discussion board post for it, which wasn’t my fault?! -_-

Finally, had to do a group project for another class and didn’t actually plan/start working on anything until today, but somehow we all pulled it off and we’re totally prepared for Thursday??!

So I guess you can say I’m in an ok place from your POV altho there are some perpetual feelings of doom that haven’t subsided. I’m trying to work some witchy things back into my life too because I left those to the back burner and I think it could really help my mind, body, soul mentality that I confused the algorithm with many months ago. 🤣

EXCITED TO GET MY NAILS DONE TOMORROW. Mostly looking forward for Friday bc I can legally have a day off from everything altho I do want to see the new Halloween and Dune. Luckily for me I have Regal Unlimited and I need to slip my 3 movies a month in quickly to make that thing worth it!!!!

Sorry for grammar horror. I am slapping this together in bed.


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