Every #SPOOKY #Halloween Thing I Watched #October2021

Not everything might seem spooky at first glance, but I gave a little blurb for each to explain why it ended up on the list.

Not everything was watched in full and some things were Moody-watched aka watching something while I was doing homework or chores or generally not focused. I’ll be as transparent as possible. πŸ˜›

My Horrible, Harrowing Horror Movie History

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I used to watch horror movies a LOT when I was younger. I was fearless and my fav franchise was Ringu/The Ring (and I had nightmares all the time lmao.) I loved all horror books, comics, and games, too. I was pretty sick. Probably had something to do with being depressed AND hormonal. 😹

When I was single in my mid to late 20’s, I only watched horror when I felt bad bc I couldn’t take the nightmares AND the loneliness. Watching them when you already feel sad on the inside just makes them seem harmless (at least for me!) Yes, I’d still get nightmares, but I always knew it was my own fault. 🀣

A long time ago (before we lived together) my partner sassed me when I asked him to stay over unplanned. He said no bc he needed to watch a lot of horror movies in October otherwise he doesn’t feel satisfied and he totes didn’t want to sleep over bc he wanted to watch Nightmare on Elm Street and Friday the Thirteenth!! LMAO SO RUDE! (Sorry babe I’m not over it.)

Yes, girl, he literally went home to watch horror movies I didn’t feel like watching that night bc they were *~too spooky~*.

So I had to work my way up to not being afraid of them all the time again tho. I always watched spooky-THEMED things and psychological thrillers and mysteries and occasionally true crime, but I had to slowly weave in some of the more horrible scary things like murderous slashers. I just desensitized myself to the spookiness by watching the genre a lot more often.

Or maybe I’m just extra disturbed now?! IDK. You read my blog, you decide. πŸ”ͺ

Anyway desensitizing worked! Now that we live together I purposely play spooky, scary shows and movies to be like, “I play a lot of horror movies to keep you from having another fit!!” And actually, I think it’s working because I’m not hearing any complaints about “dissatisfaction.” πŸ˜‚

So yeah, I started watching these horror movies sarcastically to get back at my boyfriend for making me feel like Freddy & Jason were his true loves and not me. Maybe they still are? But we didn’t watch too many of those this year. πŸ˜›

Not all of these were winners, but let me tell you something… I liked all of them anyway! No matter how stupid, or cheesey, or gorey, or confusing, or poorly edited. I’m not saying I don’t have criticisms. Ohhh boy. BUT LIKE, I just had so much fun putting on random horror and thriller shows and movies it wouldn’t be fair to say I didn’t like them just because I have a few critical things to say. Lol. When don’t I have something critical to say anyway?

As I’ve said in the past, the best way to go into any TV show or movie is to know as little about it as possible! As a matter of fact, sometimes I would just start playing whatever was on the Netflix Top 10 or let Hulu autoplay the next suggestion instead of actively trying to find something to watch. I was introduced to a lot of great content and I think my younger self would be proud of the horror movie buff I’ve developed into.

It’s also quite fun to tease my bf about how much more I know about horror movies than him despite being too scared to watch them often when we first got together. πŸŽƒπŸ‘»

And don’t get me wrong: there are still some things I just can’t watch bc they are WAY 3spooky5me (do ppl still say that?) Annabelle, Conjuring, Apostle… I can’t do it yet. What if I put on one of them summoning movies and then it accidentally summons that thing to my house?!

Finally, every Halloween I always watch two things: The Shining and Over the Garden Wall. Last year I read Doctor Sleep and watched that after The Shining. I’m not sure if I’d consider it good enough to be an annual installation, but if I can’t figure out what else to put on after The Shining, Doctor Sleep πŸ’€


Organized by type, but not listed in any particular order. I hope I got them all!

I added the platform I watched the specific content on, but if you read this post in the future, no promises that the content will still be there!

Short Films

The Rizzle 2018

The Rizzle (2018) – Watched on Hulu.

A short film about a mysterious dance video. Try The Rizzle, if you dare!

Splatter 2009

Splatter (2009) – Watched on Netflix

I guess this was a web series back in the day? Cause I was like, who is giving Corey Fledman work recently? And I think the answer is still no one. No offense Corey Feldman, I still love ya!

Disney's Trick or Treat 1952

Trick or Treat (1952) – Watched on Disney+

Yes, there is a reason naughty Disney ended up taking over the whole media world — because of adorable animated shorts like this. Lewey’s costume is a little lazy. Dewey’s costume is very ambitious. Huey’s costume is best! 😈

Full Length Films

Suspiria 2018

Suspiria (2018) – Watched on Prime Video

Don’t πŸ‘ say πŸ‘ you πŸ‘ like πŸ‘ horror πŸ‘ if πŸ‘ you πŸ‘ haven’t πŸ‘ seen πŸ‘ Suspiria. This creepy remake of the 1977 version is great! Don’t forget to watch the original, too. They are both requirements of the horror canon.

Bad Hair 2020

Bad Hair (2020) – Watched on Hulu

An interesting take on a topic I’d like to know more about — the hair industry. What does it mean to have good hair? What lengths would you go to get there? Pain is beauty, right? Now apply a critical race lens to the beauty industry and you have a smart movie that opens a discussion about the hidden labor and pressures for black women to elevate themselves to unrealistic standards just to be accepted. I would love to see this story written, directed, and fully created by only black women to see a different version. Maybe even just a black girl cut? πŸ€” PLEASE!

The Silence 2019

The Silence (2019) – Watched on Netflix.

A creature feature with Kiernan Shipka doing ASL. I had some critiques about this one… like, why did they immediately accept their doomsday role and take over that woman’s house? Entitled, much? JOKE! I liked it for what it was.

antebellum 2020

Antebellum (2020)

I didn’t know what to expect from this movie when I played it, but it pretty much went exactly the way I predicted. Didn’t love it, but I did like the plot AND Janelle MonΓ‘e (obviii) !

Halloween 1978

Halloween (1978) – Watched it on Peacock.

Watched this trying to use my Regal Unlimited to watch Halloween Kills but grad school killed me the last three weeks and I didn’t get to see it in time for… Halloween. 😑

Halloween 2018

Halloween (2018) – Watched it on Hulu.

I don’t think I was paying much attention to this one, but I love Jamie Lee Curtis and her Michael-specific Doomsday prepping.

Karen 2021

Karen (2021) – Rented

This movie is a little less funny when you totally know people like that, but it was worth a watch anyway. I wouldn’t recommend for a rental though… wait for one of your streaming services to pick it up.

Noroi The Curse 2005

Noroi (The Curse) (2005) – Watched on Shudder.

My boyfriend’s favorite type of horror movies are “found footage” style documentaries. Kind of like Blair Witch Project or Paranormal Activity. And y’all know I love my Japanese horror, so this was definitely a yes! for us.

P.S. if you are a horror lover, get Shudder! You’ll get to watch a lot of new things and they’re all sooo spooky!

The Resort 2021

The Resort (2021) – Watched on Hulu.

Unnecessarily beautiful people go into an obviously haunted abandoned resort and suffer the consequences. Despite the main character having written books about haunted places, they all still decide to disturb the spooky hellhole. Don’t taunt the haunted!

Saw 1-7

Saw (1-7) – Rewatched all on Peacock.

Yes. I did watch all 7 Saw movies. Just check my Twitter for the reactions. For people who like gore and torture porn, these movies are for you! Seriously though, I was obsessed with these movies when I was a tween-teen (as were a lot of my peers) and I was thoroughly surprised when I rewatched how many of them I had actually seen before. TBH I think it was like… all of them. Also, I didn’t love Saw 7. It didn’t seem very Jigsaw-y, more like murdering pretty girls for fan service and I do NOT vibe with that. I like it when the pretty girls do the murdering, but if they have to be murdered it should be for a really good reason… to teach them a lesson in a way that makes sense to Jigaw’s sociopathic vengeful mind. Also, I think that Jigsaw doll is sooo cute.

Jigsaw 2017

Jigsaw (2017) – Watched on Peacock. I think?

So dumb I hated this when I watched it! I would really love to write one of these movies someday. You admire Jigsaw? You think you’re related to Jigsaw? You want to help Jigsaw? I don’t even know. I think you should all watch it anyway. I like it.. for comparative reasons. >.>

Spiral 2021

Spiral 2021 – Rented.

Basically like all the other Saws, but without the adorbs Jigsaw doll. Adorable pig-cop marionette instead, tho. Okay I actually like this, but I like Chris Rick (not all of his jokes, but whatever, I’m not here to critique racist/sexist jokes in comedy, only horror!) I also like Sam Jackson who is in this movie… for some reason?! I didn’t feel like it was worth the rent for the average horror watcher, but since I was on a Saw kick, it was worth it to me!

Hocus Pocus 1992

Hocus Pocus (1993) – Rewatched on Freeform (Hulu Live)

One of my Halloween favs because it is a Halloween classic, darlings! I love it even more because I actually took a trip to Salem this past summer and had a spooky good time. It’s a cute little town and I totally encourage y’all to visit those suburbs and keep their Halloween tourism industry going. Everyone’s seen this movie at the point, right? If not, do it, virgins!

the addams family 1991

The Addams Family (1991) – Rewatched on Freeform (Hulu Live)

Yikes! This was the year I was born, so it’s totally true I grew up with this movie. I love it. I can’t get enough. I’ve graduated from Wednesday (my fav) to Pugsley (my spirit) and I accept that trajectory for me. Is the image from the right movie? I can’t even remember.

The Addams Family Values 1993

The Addams Family Values (1993) – Rewatched on Freeform (Hulu Live)

Why did I crop this image so strangely? Anyway, Addams Family movie. I don’t need to say any more about this. They’re the best!

Unfriended 2014

Unfriended (2014) – Watched on Netflix?

One of the best new kind of found footage films — the ones that are totally created to look like a standard computer screen recorder. This movie falls under “stupid, but I liked it anyway,” because it was kind of stupid, but I liked it anyway! Especially the blender scene. Just watch!

Things Seen & Heard 2021
THINGS HEARD & SEEN, (aka THINGS HEARD AND SEEN), Amanda Seyfried, 2021. Β© Netflix /Courtesy Everett Collection

Things Heard & Seen (2021) – Netflix

I love this movie. The setting, the style, artsy Amanda Seyfried, the plot twist, the spooks. It’s funny to me that this is a period piece now that it’s 2021, although I didn’t actually notice until I realized the main character was using a house phone. Such antiquity. Great storyline in this one. Highly recommend!

in the tall grass 2019

In the Tall Grass (2019) – Netflix

Sorry, Stephen King. I failed to finish this film and didn’t care enough to try again, but I still love you. No particular reason. I just got lost in the tall grasses of my mind and moved on with my horror life when I couldn’t deal with this film.

Child's Play 1989

Child’s Play (1989) – Rewatched on Peacock

God I LOVE Chucky. I want to dress up my cat, Buttons, as Chuck for Halloween. I saw a kid dressed as Chucky at Comic Con this year and I told my boyfriend to turn around and LOL did he get a FRIGHT while he was picking out some mystery boxes for us. Murderous dolls? Red heads? Voodoo? Serial Killers? Little kids and big sisters saving the day? What’s not to love?!

Child's play 2019

Child’s Play (2019) – Watched on Hulu.

I love that the programmer of this doll turned the murderous intentions all the way up. Also, Aubrey Plaza is in this one. Not the best in the Chucky franchise, but a good updated reboot that’s not totally canon.

The Clovehitch Killer 2018

The Clovehitch Killer (2018) – Netflix

Sooo… Totes watched this because of that cutie actor (Charlie Plummer) who basically plays fictionalized John Green in Looking for Alaska. I don’t want to give anything away because of all the plot twists. It’s worth a watch. Small town Christian creeps!

Run 2020

Run (2020) – Hulu

Munchausen by Proxy is one of my favorite themes in horror — those mamas are one of my favorite fictional villains. When they are fictional. Loved the way the protagonist deals with the situation when she finds out what is going on! GO GIRL!

Madres 2021
ARIANA GUERRA stars in MADRES Photo: ALFONSO BRESCIANI Β© 2021 Amazon Content Services LLC

Madres (2021) – Prime Video.

This wasn’t my favorite Blumhouse feature movie-wise but I really did like it. Great reminder about the injustice of illegal sterilization in women. Something that doesn’t get enough attention, so either check out some information about it, or watch this social commentary horror to get yourself thinking,

Sacrament 2013

Sacrament (2013) – Watched on Prime Video.

A found footage film I had somewhat high hopes for because of all my fav themes: cults, Vice magazine because I applied there once ha, white people living in a tropical climate… I fell asleep though because we watched it so late. It wasn’t as good as I had hoped, but. I say watch it anyway!

i know what you did last summer 1997

I Know What You Did Last Summer (1997) Rewatched? on HBO Max.

I have flashbacks of me watching this movie when I was waaay younger because of how well I remember it. Did my mom just have it on when I was like… 6-10 years old at some point? Also, oh my god the all star cast! DO YOU DIE?! I love watching Jennifer Love Hewitt running away from the camera every other scene. Someone make that into a TikTok PLEASE!

Hellions 2015

Hellions (2015) – Watched on Shudder.

I don’t love the plot of this movie but I am OBSESSED with the Hellions. They are soooo adorable. I love these cute evil little twerps in their spooky little costumes. I’ll go with them. I don’t care! I understand their cause, let me help! (JOKE!) Stylistically, I am a fan of this film. Just watch it! What’s the worst that could happen? Besides a hell critter coming for your unborn bb? Pickles with honey and salt anyone?!

The butterfly effect 2004

The Butterfly Effect (2004) – Rewatched on HBO Max

I’ve always loved this movie! Surprisingly, my boyfriend had not seen it before and I’d say it was a hit in the horror movie household. I can’t say what happens otherwise I’ll give away salient plot points. Just watch! Ashton Kutcher being a hero sooooooo cute!

harry potter 1-8

Harry Potter (1-8) – Rewatched it on HBO Max!

Harry Potter is not the spookiest thing on this list, but it’s basically on every single day at some point on any given channel. And there are plenty of great Halloween elements, so it should be on your list of Halloween favorites, too! TROLL IN THE DUNGEON!

intrusion 2021

Intrusion (2021) – Netflix

Just watched this because it was on the Netflix Top 10 and because Freida Pinto, obvi. What’s with these men secretly keeping women locked up in their basement while their sweet, smart, beautiful wives are none the wiser?

The Guilty 2021

The Guilty (2021) – Netflix

IDK Netflix Top 10 Jake Gyllenhal is a judgemental cop working 911 dispatch for some reason. Also doing a bad job at it. Also… I totally called the ending! Stupid, I guess I liked it. Watch it!

Aftermath 2021

Aftermath (2021) – Netflix.

OMG this movie is soooo stupid. I have nothing to say about it because I don’t want to give anything away except take the main character’s sister’s advice from the film: Fuck this! *runs away* JK watch it anyway, so you know what I mean. It’s a disaster and you can’t look away.

It 1990

It (1990) – Rewatched on HBO Max

I know this was technically a miniseries, but I’ve only ever seen it in movie form because I am a millennial. I love Tim Curry. I also love that the dad from Sister, Sister is in this. LOL! This Pennywise is not cute like the 2017 version, but that’s why he’s scarier! AWESOME props and special effects. That’s the horror movie shit I LIVE for!

It 2017

It (2017) – Rewatched on HBO Max.

LOVE THIS REMAKE! Can’t see Pennywise as anything but cute. I would be friends with him. We all float down here!

It Chapter 2 2019

It Chapter 2 (2019) – Rewatched on HBO MAX

UGH! Another all-star cast in this one! How can you not love It? I don’t know what else to say except they did such an amazing job in this film. Creepy. Spooky. Clowns. Dark and overcast Derry. You’re a stupid mummy! She only liked Ben after he lost weight! Fatphobic, much?!

The Evil Dead 1981

The Evil Dead (1981) – Watched on HBO Max

I am very interested in anything with an NC-17 rating because I watched a documentary about it in undergrad. The Evil Dead probably deserved it at the time. Either way, I’m glad to have finally worked my way into this franchise. SCARY!

bride of chucky 1998

Bride of Chucky (1998) – Rewatched on Peacock

Okay this time I distinctly remember my mother watching this movie when she ented it from whoever Blockbuster’s competitor was back in the day. The Johnny Rocket’s in the Staten Island Mall used to have a Chucky doll who rode solo until Bride of Chucky came out, and then they got her, too! This movie is awesome. More voodoo and Jennifer Tilly!

curse of chucky 2013

Curse of Chucky (2013) – Watched on Peacock

Spoiler – Jennifer Tilly AGAIN! 😍 This actually just started playing on Peacock and I left it on while I was doing my homework (ha! A book review rewrite) I figured watching Chucky get stabby would make me feel less murderous about doing an assignment I wasn’t interested in. It helped! I got an A- on that assignment. NOT BAD! Thanks, Chucky!

slenderman 2018

Slenderman (2018) – Watched on Hulu (barely)

I didn’t make it more than 15 minutes into this movie because there were so many commercials for no reason! When does this scene from the image even happen? I didn’t even get that far!!

hypnotic 2021

Hypnotic (2021) – Netflix

Netflix top 10 but with Kate Siegel (horror movie alumni!) I was so-so on this movie, definitely just watched because Kate Siegel is always so impressive in horror (Midnight Mass, Hush) and I thought the premise was interesting although it did seem pulled from that one episode of Workin’ Moms. That’s the first thing I thought of, anyway. Worth a watch! (I always say that!)

there's someone inside your house 2021

There’s Someone Inside Your House (2021) – Netflix

Multicultural and LGBT representative where (spoiler) the cis straight white male is the ultimate bad guy and burned down a cornfield. STUPID BUT I LIKED IT ANYWAY. Sorry, it’s true!

nightmare on elm street 3: dream warriors 1987

Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors (1987) – Watched on HBO Max

My boyfriend threatened the livelihood of my blog if I didn’t admit that I had one AirPod in watching Uncle Roger videos on Youtube while this movie was playing. It’s part of my boyfriend’s horror movie habit (yes, the one that I mentioned in the beginning of the post!) and I loved it because damn! Patricia Arquette is an amazing scream queen! The special effects, props, and kills in this one are soooo gruesome and amazing! ALSO THE END THEME SONG! All of the Nightmares are great, what else can I say! Image is from my favorite kill. WATCH TO FIND OUT!

Friday the 13th Part III 1982

Friday the 13th Part III (1982) – Watched on Hulu.

I barely watched this one no offense to Jason but he’s supposed to be “disfigured” and he also wears a hockey mask so he’s not cute enough to be one of my favorite slashers. Totes watched Korean street food videos on YouTube while this was playing. Don’t @ me. Moody-watched.

Deathgasm 2015

Deathgasm (2015) – Watched on Peacock

OMG the Kiwi (am I allowed to say that if I’m not from New Zealand?) babes in this movie! I love metal music, I love anything from New Zealand. I’m obsessed with the main love story. “I don’t even like her, I was just bored!” Awesome cult movie that’s been on my list FOREVER! So happy I finally watched it today!

Rings 2017

Rings (2017) – Watched on Peacock (actually, my bf accidentally rented it!)

What would this list be if I didn’t have Ringu/The Ring franchise in here somewhere? I’ve never seen this before, so the storyline was new to me. Since I am a mega-fan of this franchise, I admit to liking the movie I cannot help it, but I think I personally would have written/edited/special fx’d it differently. I actually don’t have the reboot book either, but I am going to buy it now to see if the movie held up.

The Shining 1980

The Shining (1980) – Rewatching on HBO Max.

I watch this every Halloween with one exception – the year I read the book instead. I can’t say I care about this movie/book debate. They’re both good (the book is obviously better because books are better almost every time, duh!) This movie NEVERRRR gets old for Halloween. Really, though, you should read the book, and then Doctor Sleep and then watch The Shining and then watch Doctor Sleep because, heck, it’s all so good. If you want to be happy, you gotta stay regular. (Is that the right quote?!)

TV Shows

AHS Season 9

American Horror Story (Season 9) – Netflix

It’s the 80’s- horror movie-themed season that went the way all AHS seasons go for me: really strong and great in the beginning, slapped together because it was probably released before they finished writing, and then finishes pretty well when and only when they wrap the previous seasons into the ending somehow. I actually didn’t finish this season because I moved on hard with my horror lifestyle. Like a great white shark — I CONSUME IT ALL!


You (2021) (Season 3) – Netflix

I watched You season 3 which I LOVE LOVE LOVE because Love is my favorite character. I love totally mad, unredeemable, unlucky in love, murderous female characters. I do NOT love what’s-his-face’s character because I feel like men do these kinds of things all the time IRL and it is NOT cute. Also started rewatching from season 1 again after finishing 3 because I just really like digesting that creepy, neckbeard mentality.

Squid Game 2021

Squid Game (2021) – Netflix

Who didn’t watch this messed up show?! It’s great. I love that the Korean TV/Film industry is getting very popular here in American because it means that it will make my K-Dramas more accessible in the future hehehe. Can’t give anything away, but you’ve probably already seen it.

Midnight Mass 2021

Midnight Mass (2021) – Netflix

Is there anything Mike Flanagan can’t do for horror?! Kate Siegel again by the way! Don’t let me tell you anything about this AMAZING show except… WATCH IT! Don’t read anything else about it. Just open up Netflix, search for Midnight Mass, and hit play!

Utopia 2020

Utopia (2020) – Prime Video

AMAZING SHOW TO WATCH BEFORE COMIC CON and canceled after one season. I’m sorry Gillian Flynn you deserved better. I was very excited to see where this was going on screen. Wahh. 😦

One of Us is Lying 2021

One of Us is Lying (2021) – Peacock

I love teeny bopper shows with ridiculously beautiful teenagers with unrealistically perfect skin murdering each other. Since I’m taking a Children’s Book Publishing course rn, I know this book has been on the NY Times Bestseller List forev and I’ve not had time to read it so I did the dishonorable thing and watched the show instead. I love it. I love anything that takes place in a high school. Coming-of-age, California, affluence, LGBT, “multicultural” (barely), terminal illness representation (also barely), and of course… murder mystery!

Ghost Adventures

Ghost Adventures – Skinwalker Canyon (S14E7) – Watched on Travel Channel (Hulu Live)

I sometimes slap this show on if it’s on le cable and it just so happened to be an episode where they are looking for Skinwalkers (which we totes said can shapeshift into coyotes AT THE SAME TIME… they can!!) also they take Peyote and I was screaming with laughter. No other episode can compare.

I Know What You did Last Summer TV 2021

I Know What You Did Last Summer (2021) – Prime Video 🀑

Not even close to being as good as the original movie, but again… really beautiful “teenagers” in an affluent mostly-haole Hawaii town doing some murdering. Also mukbang? And for some reason there is a cult? I’m probably not going to finish this tbh, but give it a try to see what I mean.

Tell Me Your Secrets 2021

Tell Me Your Secrets (2021) – Prime Video

Lily Rabe, serial killers, girls kissing girls, murder mystery. Lots of secrets and plot twists. Yes! WATCH IT!

Love, Death, + Robots 2019

Love, Death, + Robots (2019) – Netflix

I like this anthology series, but it’s mega dark. I would like to see them subvert their subversion and make some creepy bubbly robot shorts too. πŸ€”

Two Sentence Horror Stories 2017

Two Sentence Horror Stories (2017) – Netflix

I think this used to be a meme on Reddit. Some companies will do anything to capitalize on other people’s creativity.

(Get it? Two sentences!) This anthology show is pretty good but definitely goes hard on the gross-out factor. I’m somewhat into that, so I recommend it!

brand new cherry flavor 2021

Brand New Cherry Flavor (2021) – Netflix

Exactly the kind of horror series I want when I go into a series knowing nothing about it! Okay Netflix, you got a visceral response from me with this show. Speaking of gross-out factor — it’s definitely here, too! But worth it. Lots of spooks. Very Hollywood. Also, Rosa Salazar. Yes, please!

Only murders in the building 2021

Only Murders in the Building (2021) – Hulu

Selena Gogo being artsy and brooding with a great style. Also those two funny old white guys. I honestly didn’t finish this show, but that doesn’t mean I don’t think it’s good. High production value because it’s actually in Manhattan. I should totes go stalk that filming location and go full meta with this… if I can get back into it.

the unsettling 2019

The Unsettling (2019) – Watched on Netflix

IDK I was interested because foster children and Drew from Everybody Hates Chris (Chris Rock again!) but I didn’t finish this show because it was honestly kind of a drag. Nothing ever really happens until the end of the episode, but spooky nonetheless. What’s the mystery? I didn’t stick around long enough to find out.

chucky 2021 tv series

Chucky (2021) – SyFy (Hulu Live)

Yes yes yes! I needed a Chucky tv show! I am currently recording this one because it’s SO GOOD SO FAR?! The mean girl’s Halloween party costume?! I CANNOT! One of the most messed up things I’ve seen on a horror TV show… and I loved it! I only wish this started airing sooner for better Halloween timing.

walking dead 2010
The Walking Dead _ Season 10, Episode 16 – Photo Credit: Jackson Lee Davis/AMC

The Walking Dead (2010) – Watched on Netflix

Technically, my boyfriend was the one watching this. I think he’s the only person who still watches this show. I checked out a loooooong time ago. Yet, somehow I think I’ve seen the episodes he was streaming? πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ

South park goth kids

South Park – Goth Kids Eps, The Ungroundable (S12E14), Dawn of the Posers (S17,E4) Watched on Comedy Central (Hulu Live).

My favorite show ever. Goth kid eps are my fav.

🎢 Burning down… Hot Topic! 🎢

🎢 Going down to South Park… to die!! 🎢

Edgar Allen Poe!

Just watch and you’ll understand.

South Park halloween

South Park – A Nightmare on FaceTme (S16,E12)

Cartman is The Incredible…

South Park Sons A Witches

South Park – Sons A Witches (S21,E6)

🎢 La la la la put a spell on our wives. 🎢

South Park The Scoots

South Park – The Scoots (S22,E5)

This episode was on while I was writing this post! Mr. Mackey is cracking me up. $6000 worth of Halloween candy.

Deadly Class

Deadly Class (2018) – Watched on Peacock

This started playing without permission on Peacock so I left it all while doing homework. Beautiful cast is too distracting to be scary, but it’s pretty murderous and a good watch. This show always aired after The Magicians while it was still on and I would get sooo mad when it would overlap on my DVR. NOT SORRY.

The Girl in the Woods

The Girl in the Woods (2021) – Peacock

Cults (love it!) Teens (love it!) LGBT! (LOVE IT!) Gender expression (LOVE IT!) Coal mining town? (EH!) I like this show, I can’t wait to see what happens next!

Pretty Little Liars 2011

Pretty Little Liars (2011) – Rewatched on HBO Max

Lots and lots of plot twists. Murders. Harrowing. Mysteries. And the scariest part of the whole series? (Spoiler) Aria marrying her predator! Sorry, I am not over that because I really hated that ending. This was a rewatch for me and I’m not sorry because I did actually love this show. Allison was my favorite (when she was horrible to everyone, obv.)

Elite 2017

Elite (2017) – Netflix

More beautiful rich teenagers doing some murdering… in Spanish! I came for the school uniforms (not dark academia enough for me) but I haven’t found a good enough reason to stay intently. I’ll probably finish it when I have nothing else to watch.

Castle Rock 2018

Castle Rock (2018) – Rewatched on Hulu

I love reimagines of stories and movies that already exist so Castle Rock is everything to me. Once again Bill SkarsgΓ₯rd is way too cute to be scary IMO, but he’s got the creepy vibe down and I am a FAN! I sooo wish they would have kept going with this show because you could amalgamate so many of Stephen King’s work into one mega-show like this in more seasons and I would show up.

Tim and Eric Bedtime Stories 2013

Tim & Eric Bedtime Stories (2013) – Watched on HBO MAX

Horrible and scary in its own way. Just watch it. And follow them on Facebook and Twitter.


over the garden wall

Over the Garden Wall (2014) – Rewatching on HBO MAX

I watch this EVERY Halloween (like I said earlier) because it’s just THE BEST. I’m also reading the Kaboom! comics on Comixology. That’s a rock fact! Too many good quotes to pick just one. I WANT TO STEAL!

mob psycho 100

Mob Psycho 100 (2016) – Watched on VRV

Not that spooky, but needed an anime on this list. Psychic powers are kind of spooky I suppose. I didn’t get that far in this yet, either.

hilda 2018

Hilda (2018) – Rewatched on Netflix

Yes, everyone knows Hilda is not that scary. But if you were a little kid watching this, you might find some of the Scandanavian folklore a bit spooky! It goes on the list!

earwig and the witch 2020

Earwig and the Witch (2020) – Watched on HBO Max

Did you finish watching this one? Because I did not. I tried twice. I just couldn’t get into, but I don’t dislike it. I think it’s worth a try… and I’m going to watch it and let you know for sure. My answer is usually yes anyway.

That’s it! Actually, it’s not everything but I think this is a pretty stacked list for 2021.

Did we watch any of the same things? Do you have any favorites that you watch every year?


Thank you, boyfriend, for coding the anchor link in this post because that was the scariest bit of all to me!

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