Actually Sick, Not Head Sick

Wow so I totally had a physical cold and that was kind of nice minus the physically dying for 24 hours because I got to lay in bed all day and watch comfort shows and new shows and got extensions on my schoolwork so I didn’t have to think about anything for like 2 days.

But now I’m better and took a covid test (negative!) Which means I actually have to go to class tomorrow and I’ve already started catching up on the schoolwork I’ve missed and made plans to do the rest in the upcoming weeks.

I can’t believe there is less than a month of school left in my first semester. I think it will actually be more relaxed now because it’s all finals work and not learning a bunch of random stuff that I can barely keep in my tiny brains for long after I submit everything for that week.

It’s still going to be busy and tons of work, but at least I am not sick anymore, and at least I get two classes off for Thanksgiving so I have lots of time to regroup and get on top of everything and then I’ll be done before I know it.

Registration for Spring 2022 is November 30 and I will NOT be taking 4 classes again. I think I’ll just do 2, MAYBE 3 if I think I can handle it and take it easier on myself altho I did learn A LOT and actually had a great time when I was begrudgingly traveling or my hair wasn’t falling out over boring work that I didn’t want to do.

I have to find balance for my blog, too. I feel like every time I spiral downward, I get less and less stuff done. What happened to my good habits! The elliptical! Writing! Reading! Drawing!

Grad school really sucks the life out of you. I don’t know how you moms work full time and go back to school and exercise and run your Etsy stores and have a sit on city council. What state of reality am I living in when I can barely get my school work done AND make dinner for me and my partner and keep it tidy in here and look mad cute?

Work begets work. 😭

Wish my luck in the upcoming weeks. I’m almost done and I might actually survive!

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