This Is My Indoor Fit

I got this cheap miniskirt on Amazon and I wear it at home all the time.

Yes, with the socks.

This isn’t technically dark academia bc my skirt is red, but everything else is black and I would style it up outside w a collared shirt or tie and sweater vest. This is like my dark academia basic under layers.

Constellation duvet cover from Society6 here!*

Miss Moody Lilac in red plaid mini skirt and black thigh socks. Dark academia fashion
Plaid minis are in.

Plaid minis are in right now. I remember wearing this purple one I got from Hot Topic when I was in middle school. I literally wore the same outfit like once a week: purple plaid mini, black T-shirt w purple skull. Sometimes with knee high purple and black striped socks. DO YOU DIE?!

Yeah, I had mad goth style back in the day. Well poser goth I guess. 🤣 Back in my day, labels were a crucial part of your developing identity.

Millennials will understand. I couldn’t go on my phone and know exactly what is going to look good on me and my body type and have it shipped to my home. With free returns.

Oh no, honey.

I had to go to the Staten Island mall and figure these things on my own. (Yes, I was a mall rat.) And faced the wrath of many hormonal tweens and judgemental parents. Even some teachers poked fun.

But you couldn’t tell me anything back then! I wore what I liked and told everyone to fuck off and even participated in some gentle to abusive bullying myself, so I can’t even be mad. (I’m not.)

And you still can’t tell me anything! I’m wearing my skirt and thigh socks again and anyone who doesn’t like it can still suck it!

This is how I’m cleaning out my fridge to make room for Thanksgiving catering tomorrow. 🦃

Happy Indigenous People’s Day, too!

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