#CBD Tea in my #HarryPotter Mug

Happy Indigenous People’s Day + Thanksgiving!

I made some awesome golden mashed potatoes and me and my boyfriend got catering because no way I am capable of pulling off an entire Thanksgiving dinner yet. Mentally, I mean. And we aren’t going anywhere, so we’re supporting a local business instead.

Before I go for round two (dinner time) I am having pumpkin pie and this CBD + mint + chamomile tea!

So I had lunch then “pudding” before dinner and more pudding, as English people say in my favorite shows.

Miss Moody Lilac Harry Potter Marauder's Map Mug says, "I solemnly swear that I am up to no good."
The Marauder’s Map Mug

Do y’all use CBD? I’ve tried it in a few ready made drinks and sleeping aids, but I haven’t found anything I’m crazy about yet. I do like this tea, though because it’s realizing with added chamomile. It’s like a magic potion. #JustWitchyThings! ✨

This was a gift from my boyfriend’s mom. She always gets me cute things like this. We are both Harry Potter nerds and she even took me to see The Cursed Child on Broadway when my bf’s fam visited one summer.

Miss Moody Lilac. CBD Chamomile Mint Tea Tin. CHILL. 16mg CBD.
CBD Chamomile Mint Tea Satchets

We won’t tell her about the CBD tea, though, because she’s vehemently anti-pot despite easy accessibility to medicinal in Oklahoma. After testing the waters by jokingly saying I’ll get my medical card next time we visit. She was like, “so you’ll just be high on pot the whole time?” LOL! So I’ll just keep weed things to myself from now. 😹

Mischief managed.

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