Moody Christmas Movie Traditions for the Alternative Watcher

Happy Holidaze! ✨

Whatever you celebrate (or don’t) I hope you’re having a good time somewhere in the world. If you’re on edge, then I wish you have at least a few moments of peace in the chaos.

A Christmas-Specific Film ListπŸŽ„

I personally celebrate “Christmas” — an amalgamation of traditions from 30 years of my life and now 42 years of my partner’s life. We combined our favorite parts and one of my favorite traditions is… Christmas movies!

For the last few years that we’ve been celebrating Christmas together, we’ve curated a list of our absolute favorite must watch movies and make sure to view them all at some point starting on Christmas Eve to Boxing Day. Umm… even though I was born in Canada, I don’t actually celebrate Boxing Day… I don’t even know what it is really. I think it’s when we have to punch each other for not getting the proper gifts the day before? Either way, we will have watched these movies by then.

Miss Moody Lilac. Christmas Tree 2021.
The featured photo is my tree and presents! Surprisingly the cats have not destroyed it. πŸ™€ It is fine, but beloved! πŸŽ„β€οΈβœ¨

Moody’s Favorite Christmas Movies

Tokyo Godfathers (2003)

It is everything I love: anime (by Satoshi Kon!), LGBTQ+ representation, vulnerability, vulgarity, kitties, cabaret, Christian subversion. It even has brown revolutionaries in it. And it all takes place on Christmas! 🦌

Miss Moody Lilac. Tokyo Godfathers gif. Big breasts, cool.
Probably actually the best line from the movie?

A Christmas Story (1983)

“What’s that one? That’s mine! Wow that’s mine!” – Ralphie’s brother, Randy, is my all-time favorite character. Underrated af. 24 Hours of A Christmas Story solidified this for me over many, many years of playing it all day on Christmas, just like they wanted!

Miss Moody Lilac. Randy from A Christmas Story.
Me when the winters in NYC got so bad that one year.

Gremlins (1984)

Don’t forget that this is a Christmas movie, too! And it has some other things I love: the naughty critters causing madness, Phoebe Cates, Gizmo, and puppets!!

Miss Moody Lilac. Gizmo Christmas hat gif.
So cute I want one. I want the Gremlins, too, though.

National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation (1989)

I was convinced to watch this movie last year and it’s so funny it immediately got added to our annual Christmas Movie list. But why build a pool in your home? 😭 I never think it’s a good investment. *doesn’t even own a home.*

Miss Moody Lilac. National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation gif.

The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993)

Goth kids will understand. You can’t have an alternative Christmas without this macabre stop motion masterpiece. How many of us were indoctrinated into the lifestyle from watching this as a kid? πŸ€”

Miss Moody Lilac. Jack Skellington Christmas lights.
Future so merry I gotta wear Xmas lights.

Home Alone 2: Lost in New York (1992)

Obviously I prefer Home Alone 2 to the first Home Alone because it takes place in good old NYC. I don’t know why I am enamored with Macaulay Culkin (then and now tbh!) Obviously the only horrible part about this movie is Trump’s cameo but tbf that was when he was a pop culture phenomenon and mere caricature of a monstrous human being and well before he became the actual President of America and I was like… Damn that joke didn’t hold up well. Bird lady is totally me.

Miss Moody Lilac. Home Alone 2: Bird Lady.
What’s goin on in this forum?

Enjoy a break!

School is over for the semester, so I am going to try and get my normal sleep schedule back. Right now I’m up writing this and everyone is asleep (bf’s parents are staying with us) and will prob complain that we couldn’t do presents until the afternoon. Probably true, tho!

Do you celebrate holidays? Do you not? What movies do you watch during this time when you have the time?

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