Hello Winter Break, Hello Control! πŸ‘‹

Time Off = Small Goals

My number one goal during winter break is definitely to relax. I can’t decide if I want to take three courses, or just go all in and take a fourth course again if I can find one that fits into my schedule. The price for 12 credits is the same as 9 credits at my school, so it is more cost effective. The issue is that all the classes I currently registered for are in-person and I didn’t see any hybrid or online-only courses available.

I think having online and hybrid classes this semester made my life so much easier as far as pandemic graduate school. I didn’t have to worry about traveling, or doing makeup, or dressing cute, or even waking up at a certain time. All of that is going to change next semester, so I wonder if taking 12 credits will be a lot harder because of that? Right now I only go in twice a week, with two classes b2b, so I have a really good schedule. And I took four courses this past semester and it was a bit rough, but I think taking classes at two schools certainly played a part. Spring 2022 I will only be at my main college.

The other benefit is that I will not have to take a summer course to stay on schedule if I take four classes next semester. I’m not working right now, either. And in Fall 2022, if I take 4 classes again then I can do my thesis in Spring 2023 and be done with Graduate School for good. πŸ€” I think that I’ll look into some courses over the next few weeks and see if I can register for something good before classes start.

Maybe I can manifest a worthy class into my life? ✨ I couldn’t manifest an A or A- in the class where I had contention with the Professor (and she never responded to my email in which I pleaded my cases for a higher grade because she didn’t count participation and blog posts toward the final grade despite stating that they would count on th syllabus. Ugh.) So I’m trying to move forward and not dwell on the injustice of that B+ and enjoy the rest of my grad school career because other than that class, I had a lot of fun and learned so much. Grades are meaningless anyway. Life is meaningless (in a good way) so I might as well try to pull the positive out of everything and enjoy the journey and leave that drama in 2021 where it belongs. EXCELSIOR!

Manifest It, I Finessed It. πŸͺ„

Now that school is over I definitely want to get back on a healthy track. I think even making a good plan for when school gets very busy for meals and exercise and sleep is a great idea as well. By the end of the semester, I was going to bed at 5 or 6 or 7 AM and waking up so late. And that was totally fine for your favorite insomniac, but now that I am on break from school, I want to wake up when the sun is up, get darling sun rays into my eyes, and go for walks in the chilly air while bundled up in my cute new jacket and boots and ear muffs.

I feel as big as a house, so I’ve started going for walks and hitting the elliptical and doing a little bit of exercise every day and I’ve been feeling awesome. Drinking lots of water, weaving some colorful vegetables and fruits back into my diet. It’s totally life-changing! ⚑

Listening to/watching subliminal motivational videos on YouTube has been helping me as well, believe it or not! You definitely have to add your own magic to these things. Positive affirmations and a willingness to let them do beneficial work in your life. Let go of skepticism and take a chance. Honestly, it couldn’t hurt!

In my case, I was very desperate for sleep and motivation and inspiration and I figured that it definitely wouldn’t make those things worse for me if I found a good combo of binaural beats, isochronic tones, and safe subliminal messages. The ones linked above are my favorites ATM because they’re unique and eye-catching. They remind me of the graphics I used to make online during my weird millennial youth. I’d love an anime, make some kind of imagery, then learn how to code the graphics on my Neopets page. 🀣 And that’s my claim to basically being a *~computer genius.~*

Reading, cleaning up/organizing, and playing with cats all fall under this same healthy happy habit category. You don’t realize how much you miss sunshine and your cats and avocadoes and leisurely reading until they’ve all but been eliminated from your daily life for several weeks in a row.


Right Meow! 😺

Surprisingly I woke up on time today! It’s a struggle getting back to a normal sleep schedule after school ended for me on the 22nd. My boyfriend’s parents were here, then it was Christmas Eve, then Christmas, then I got my COVID-19 booster shot two days ago. Yesterday was a doctor’s appointment to refill my scripts. PHEW! Today, I am getting in some of that well-deserved positivity. Cat cuddles, putting the laundry away, reading for fun, going for a walk to buy some healthy produce, exercise 😻, the hottest shower ever, Animal Crossing, and of course… Writing this blog post. And enjoying it instead of treating it like a boring chore that is ruining my life.

Life is really good right now, friends. The depressos are still there. So is the fear. But I’m going to get everything I want because I attract it.

Just like magic. ✨ 😘

Miss Moody Lilac. Lilies from my boyfriend to celebrate the end of the semester Fall 2021.
End of the semester flowers from my cinnamon bear 🐻.

The feature image includes the flowers my boyfriend bought me when I finished my last final this semester. 😭 A really thoughtful surprise and they smell wonderful! Don’t let your cats get into them, though.

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