I’m Alive!

Winter Session

My blog has become a $300/year anxiety machine. I haven’t checked it. I haven’t posted. I’ve only thought about it as a chore.

So sad.

I have, however, been living my best life since school ended and will try to keep it up until school starts. 😭

Plus lots of cooking and cleaning.

I wish that it could last forever.

Back to Life, Back to Reality

I guess I should start getting into some good school habits now, too, with one week left to go.

Reading, writing, sleeping, meal prepping.

At least I only have three courses this semester. 😇

As always, my mind has been plagued by this grey film. I’ve been carrying my depression around with me, but less so my anxiety. I think that I’ve been feeling too good to want to write on this blog. I’ve been living in a million little moments instead and it’s been great. I almost didn’t want to catalog any of my thoughts.

Then I thought that I might have just been self sabotaging and hiding after the semester was over so no one could touch me and I didn’t have to reflect on myself and my madness from 2021. I played some subliminals and a few days later, here we are.

It feels good to be back. I’m going to try to relax much more this semester. I feel confident. I’m trying to change my negative, victim mindset and shift my thoughts to positive ones. I think I’ve tried this many times before, but somehow it feels different this time.

And no, I am not currently medicated. Although sedation sounds lovely.

Even my therapist said that I seem ~lighter~ now that the stress of the Fall 2021 semester is behind me. I guess that means I don’t need therapy anymore?!


The hard part is consistency. Good luck to us all in 2022!

With love,



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