Writing Success


90% Persistence + 10% Talent

I think I heard this in the film Pink Skies Ahead, which I was randomly thinking about earlier today. Spoiler: I was thinking about how accomplished that panic attack scene was! Triggering, though.

I was going through my Google Keep notes and saw that pinned, so I moved it to the top.

I think persistence, consistency, and routine are things that I struggle with the most. Can you imagine how much more successful I would be in life if I didn’t get demotivated once I got into a healthy and manageable routine?

I need to stop self-sabotaging – THIS COUNTS AS WORKING TOWARDS MY GOAL!

Currently watching Beforeigners for my Television Aesthetics course. Not bad, but I’m hoping I can finish it all in one night so I can keep trudging ahead with my readings and screenings and look forward to the weekend again… Even though this weekend isn’t even over yet! πŸ˜‚

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