How to Watch TV & Movies (2022)


  1. Think of a movie or show that you want to watch.
    • From memory, a list, someone else’s post, etc.
  2. Search for title on Google.
    • Is it streaming anywhere?
      • Yes, and I have that app/streaming service! (Watch it there!)
      • Yes, but I don’t have that app/service! (Free trial, or subscribe for a short amount of time if you think it is worth it.
      • No, it is not streaming anywhere. (Sad. Move on to the next step.)
  3. Look up the title on Google TV (app)
      • Can’t add to Watchlist “yet?” Try again the next time you remember.
    • Is it streaming anywhere?
      • Yes, and I have that app/the app is free! (ENJOY! With commercials probs.)
      • No. SAD! Try something else.
    • Can I purchase it?
      • Yes, and I have MONEY! (Buy 1 episode or season every week. You can watch on Google TV or Youtube! I don’t think those are going anywhere any time soon, so you probably don’t have to worry about losing your content due to licensing bizness for now.)
      • No, WAAAAHH!!! (Let’s try something else.)
  4. Look up title on sketchy but helpful sites like Kiss Cartoon or Kiss Anime.
    • Is it available?
      • Yes! (Create throwaway account and watch it! With creepy ads and hella pop-ups!)
      • No! (UGH NOW WHAT?)
    • Realize you don’t remember how to do that anymore.
    • Friends and family ask if you’re sure you want to try anyway.
    • Definitely try it anyway.
    • Pretty sure I downloaded a keylogger?
      • Move on to the next step.
  6. Watch something else.
    • Or read a book.

I should make this into a flowchart someday when I’m winding down after class this semester.

And OMG! The Fall 22 semester starts in 6 days and I still have not done my INC bc I don’t know what show to pick for my final paper topic. After all this time, I feel like watching and enjoying tv & film from around the world has not benefitted me because there are too many choices and I’m worried that I can’t write a good enough paper. I think this is what my therapist calls, being too hard on myself. I suppose I should just start reading some of my old notes and assignments and see if that doesn’t inspire me to pick something and let go of whatever reservations I have about starting this paper.

I didn’t go anywhere this summer break because we came back from Austin after Consensus (Crypto convention) and it was actually quite nice to become a summer recluse if only for the fact that I organized the FUCK out of my apartment. I got to spend a lot of time with the kitties and my Little Balcony Garden of Horrors. I watched and rewatched two million shows and movies that I had no time for during Spring and Summer classes. I got two A’s for Spring (plus the INC) and just saw that I got an A+ for summer, so that seems worth it to me. If you’re into that sort of thing.

IT FEELS GOOD TO WRITE AGAIN AND I DIDN’T HAVE THE HEART TO HIDE ANY OF MY OLD POSTS. I hope there isn’t anything tooooooooo weird or annoying or sassy on there. 😶

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