Moody Problems

Today (August 30, 2022) was supposed to be a long and busy day.

Acupuncture at 10:15 AM, Pharmacy, eyebrow threading, walk home, shower, get ready for school, class at 4:15pm, Animal Collective at NYC Summerstage in Central Park.

Yesterday, the show time was moved up to 6 PM (womp! I have class until 6:15pm) and today the men are doing the roads on my block. So no Ubers to and from my apartment and my friend can’t drive on my block to drive me home from the concert.

Wahhh! I panicked so hard that I canceled acupuncture and now I’m panicking more because the doctor’s office is right next to the pharmacy! What if he sees me and says, Hey! You missed acupuncture but you’re refilling your crazy pills? I see you’re going the carcinogenic route rather than the holistic one!!

Now I’m waiting for my fiance to be done with work meetings so he can be my emotional support Man to the pharmacy since I have to catch the Uber down the block and I was scared someone would honk their horn at me.


Mostly I’m salty about waiting down the block for Uber because it’s soooo hot and that’s my trick to staying un-sweaty from apartment-to-train-to-class. Although I tend to get sweaty on the 1 Avenue walk from train to campus.

So my class/concert outfit will be stanky and sweat stained by the time my friend and I roll in at probably 8pm at this point!

Also, I accidentally woke up at 6:30 AM instead of 8 AM. Extra time to freak out AND be tired all at once.

I know I know. There are a lot of other things going on in the world right now and armpit stains on my grey bodysuit is nothing compared the some of the shit I had to deal with back in the day. Let me have my normal people problems today, please. 😗

No one said anxiety was rational. If it was, I wouldn’t have anything to write about!

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