Thursday is the New CryDay

It still feels lonely after class and I Zoom on Thursdays. I wonder if it’s a natural reaction to being around less people? I’m an extrovert and I get pretty blue when I’m alone (even if I sometimes choose to be alone.)

I’m worried about this Enlightenment class because I feel soooo dumb and I don’t understand anything but hoping that I will maybe grasp this dead white guy shit a little better now that I’m older? I already disclosed to my Professor that I might struggle so at least I get my disability points?

I actually even tried to swap this course while doing the readings yesterday but it wasn’t possible so I decided to just suck it up and TRY.

Though the thought of possibly not getting an A because I didn’t realize wtf this class was will probably keep me awake at night for the next 80 years.

(Insert gif of DJ Khaled congratulating me for playing myself here.)

Tomorrow is Electric Zoo but me and Fiance and friends are old and tired so you will see me sitting on a tapestry somewhere near the food this year. 🙂

I’ve always said that I’ll be that old person you see at the rave in the future and I AM RIGHT. I actually not old but this is good practice for 20, 30, or 40 years down the line.

Should I wear socks and Birkenstocks or is that too far? Bucket hat? Tie dye shirt?

I joke but actually have that outfit in my closet SOOOOOO I could make my dreams a reality and be that guy. 🐸

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