Happy Bee and Puppycat Day!

Exciting news: Bee and Puppycat is FINALLY on Netflix!

I’ve been waiting for a while and there was no end to the rumors surrounding its distribution problems. I don’t think I’ve ever been so loyal to a program that I actively participated in its social sustainability.

I mean… I did a cosplay for this one and posted it publicly. I’m usually way too shy for that. šŸ˜¹

(me on the left. Bee & I had a meetcute at NYCC 21)
On my Twitter!

Something about this animation was extremely special to me. I was influenced emotionally and creatively so much so that I patiently waited for years, across platforms, lurking the subreddit for gossip, until the day the rest of the world could experience that same magic, too.

In retrospect, I thought this show was highly underrecognized and I knew it had the potential for major distribution. But it needed facilitation – a platform that could reach the wide audience it deserves. I don’t know what untold drama unfolded from the Lazy in Space announcement to VRV to whispering about a Netflix deal to a major leak on Kiss Cartoon, but now the scandals can hopefully be left behind as this lovely cartoon begins trending.

If you were among many who watched the leaked Season 2 episodes about 3 years ago, we can celebrate knowing that we can all safely & legally support the show with our friends!

As always, the palette is absolutely gorgeous, with neatly linear plots and subplots. Coherent explanations for some of the less refined details in the original production are introduced in the reworked introductory episodes for the veteran fans and new experiencers.

I’m pretty fair about adaptations and transmedia (defined as adaptations of a work in various mediums). Of course I have a sense of longing when some of the quirkiness is missing to make room for a tidier storyline. I feel sad knowing the eccentricities that made the show unique were simply absent in the Netflix versions, but I understand why.

Part of the reason I’ve always been so attracted to the show was because it portrayed an aesthetic dream world inhabited by lovable humans and critters, all with peculiar thoughts and behaviors.

Bee seemed like a reluctant adult whose character development transpired because her caring, childlike heart helped mature her into a more responsible person (with a job!) through every kind choice she makes. Learning from Puppycat solidified their symbiotic bond and the duty of care propelled her from a wistless couch potato into a badass magical girl cyborg who still always puts her friends first.

Netflix Bee seems a bit down on her luck, but I relate to her less because of this. One of my favorite tropes is an adult female character at a transitional phase in her life, paving a path in her own way, in her own time. No directions or final destination necessary. In other words, the original Bee was sooooooo me. šŸ˜¹ Couch snacks, gum, watching people eat food on TV? It was like Natasha Allegri studied my daily habits and made me her muse.

While I would have loved it if the “alternative lifestyle” characterization made the cut, I am impressed with the creators’ ability to tweak elements and details that reveal plot points that were merely speculation for years. I think for a muuuuch broader audience, Netflix Bee is appropriate, yet not diluted. Secondary characters are allowed more depth with added backstories and visual illusions. šŸ™‚

Still plenty of mystery, but at least the fans now have just the right amount of context to keep us curious about the adventures to come. There was a lot of speculation about the unexplained before, but that was okay, too, because it left room for interpretation. I personally like filling in creative blanks, though I think this is a splendid way for newcomers to have freedom from abstract, cartoon logic that can sometimes agitate linear thinkers.

The lo-fi music score is ethereal and comforting – couple this with intricate backgrounds and nostalgic animation homage and you have a resap- risapee– reeeeesssap– RECIPE! for the fantasy world you think about living in as you drift off to sleep at night. šŸ˜½

Who doesn’t want to sleep here?

Bee and Puppycat is a show that deserves so much love and attention – hence why I have been aggressively vying for it since the beginning of time and space! I truly hope that the reception will be positive and lead to the narrative’s progression. Animators have perpetually been undermined in the tv/film industry and it isn’t unusual for even popular programs to disappear forever. In which case we are all back on Kiss Cartoon, am I right?

But seriously, keep animation alive. Get as angry as the Game of Thrones people and demand that the animated programs you adore have a home. That creators have jobs! We need animation and art, for youth and adults alike. Let’s do our best to keep Bee and Puppycat stable and ongoing. Maybe others will follow suit and rally for the other animated treasures disappearing and the creators who should never feel unsafe in their careers.

Animation for all! Power to creators! Bee and Puppycat forever!

Bee and Puppycat veteran fans, we made it!


But don’t worry! You can still watch and appreciate the original Bee and Puppycat glory here on YouTube: Pilot 1&2 Episodes 1-10

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