Welcome to Pre-Launch, Petals. πŸŒΌ

If you’ve ever felt like you’re part of a different world, maybe you’re already across that threshold.

This blog is under construction in its pre-launch stage!

What does that mean?

You donated, received a business card, or followed a plug to this blog while it is still in its infancy. It doesn’t have much going on yet, but you’re not the kind of person who criticizes infants, are you?

Until this blog goes live, some aspects of my feed may be relocated, updated, altered, or removed as I create and curate posts that align with this blog’s theme.

What is your blog’s theme anyway?

Let’s call it an “alternative lifestyle blog” for now.

Who is your target audience?

The open-minded.

What types of things will you be posting on your blog?

My personal life — including my ongoing battle with depression/anxiety, experiences with vegetarian diet/vegan lifestyle, neo-paganism, modern witchcraft, cruelty-free beauty/household products, dairy-free/vegan baking, organization, folklore, reducing waste, indoor gardening, book reviews, event reviews, cosplaying/costume design, party planning, decorating, my cats, and more!

I hope that some of my interests align with your own.

Learn more about me here.

When is your anticipated launch date?

My goal is for Miss Moody Lilac to go LIVE by September 30, 2022! I am delayed because of COVID.

Why did you change your content?

I am required to only post family-friendly content on my blog if I want to earn money. πŸ™‚ If there are some things you know about me from when I first started the blog, please keep them to yourself!

Where can I donate to the Miss Moody Lilac blog project?

You can donate via PayPal using the link below, or read this page for other ways to support the site. πŸ™‚ Thank you!